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What is DRABYNA?

Project DRABYNA - is a platform for realizing the ideas of young designers.

Competitors can design their own clothing designs, the best of which will be jointly implemented by the designer and the ETNODIM team.

DRABYNA - isn't one-time project!
We will select every month
best participants and together work
to implement their ideas

What we offer?
In addition to the financial benefit, in the amount of 10 thousand uah designers-winners receive:
  • Their idea implemented
  • Practical teamwork experience
  • They will see how everything happens from the inside
  • Get a portfolio of quality photos
  • Mention yourself on our site, facebook, instagram pages
What you need
to participate in the project?
  • Submit your variant of cut, silhouette of dress or shirt (this may be your own drawing or photo from other sources)
    us on email
  • Design an embroidery ornament (hand drawing or drawing in any graphic editor)
  • Write a brief description of your model (colors, fabric, execution technique)


The dress model was designed by designer
of interior - Ivanka Borodina in 2018.

The name of the dress - Borodinaat the site

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Send us your work by mail: