ETNODIM art collection
	ETNODIM art collection Joint embroidered shirts from: Malevich, Exter, Zadorozhny, Saenko, Prikhodko, Gushul, Sobachko-Shostak, Korchinsky.
Embroidered shirt Etnodim "Kvity U"
Вишиванка Etnodim «Квіти України» 11.05.2022 Our designer Anna Fesenko dedicated the embroidered shirt to a modernist building in the capital
Intonacia project jointly with Bloxa brand
Проект Intonacia совместный с брендом Bloxa 21.02.2022 Look or Listen: A Photo Story
Etnodim: Men's collection
Etnodim: Мужская коллекция 11.01.2022 Etnodim presents a new look at the men's collection of embroideries.

ETNODIM was founded in 2009etnodim-home3.jpg

The history of ETNODIM begins in 2009, a long way from traditional Ukrainian embroidery to modern ones. The concept of the brand is simple and inspiring: in the creation of modern ethnic clothing in combination with folk traditions.


We believe that ethnic clothing needs to be developed. This is one of the important elements of Ukrainian identification. Creating embroideries, each of us not only makes a product, but creates a Ukrainian history.

Creating ornaments on embroidery is an art, and art, in turn, is a reflection of reality. This is exactly how things are born that have historical motives and, in particular, are filled with a new, modern vision, one that surrounds us at this very time.

Today, the fashion for ethnic images does not leave the world trends, and Ukrainian embroideries got into the wardrobes of the most popular stars of the world. Today, embroidery is an organic part of life and culture.


Our collections "Women", "Men", "For Children" and "Home" are created on the basis of high quality linen fabric. Embroidery products are designed by designers using modern technologies, while preserving the main idea and essence of the embroidery. We will show you what it is possible to combine embroidered clothes with today, how to be in trend, as well as explain why it is important to promote Ukrainian culture around the world. Follow our news in the blog section and social networks.

ETNODIM Philosophy

Things created by people who care about others will serve for many years to come.


The most recognizable and popular national clothing in the world today is Ukrainian embroidery. Embroidered with natural material and embroidered with traditional Ukrainian ornament, embroidery in recent years has become a symbol of patriotism and national spirit of our people. At the same time, embroideries with a pattern of handmade are especially appreciated in Ukraine - such shirts not only carry a cultural and national color, but also have their sacred meaning, due to the properly selected authentic ornament and energy invested in it by the embroidery artist. Since ancient times, embroidery was made only for the closest people to the mother, wife and bride, so it was a powerful charm. In our online store of Ukrainian clothes you can buy inexpensive handmade embroidery of the famous Ukrainian brand Etnodim

How to choose an embroidered shirt and other embroidery clothing

Vyshivanka is a versatile traditional Ukrainian clothing that is men's, women's and children's: for boys and girls. It is suitable for everyday use, holiday events or any other special occasion. Of course, everyone chooses the outfit to suit their own taste, but if you want to find the pattern that best suits your gender and age, use the following guidelines:

  • shirts with floral motifs are more appropriate for young girls, and married women should choose an ornament in which fruits and leaves are available;
  • the best for men is a geometric pattern that contains semantic signs that are traditional to the Ukrainian ethnic group: solar signs of a circle, quarrel, or cross, as well as rectangles symbolizing the earth and sown fields, triangles, and wavy lines;
  • for younger guys a shirt with the image of hops is more suitable;
  • popular patterns of children's embroidery are poppies, cornflowers and daisies for girls, acorns and oak leaves for boys.

In our ethno-shop in Kiev you can buy cheap not only the author's embroidered shirt, but also other goods from the designers of the Etnodim brand:

  • embroidered dresses for women and girls of original styles and different colors;
  • men's and women's overalls and modern T-shirts with short sleeves and embroidery;
  • women's pants, overalls and skirts, made of natural linen and cotton;
  • coats and jackets for women with ethnic Ukrainian décor and embroidered traditional pattern;
  • comfortable and high-quality shoes decorated with handmade embroidery;
  • belts, towels, bead necklaces and other accessories;
  • bedding, reel dolls and other items to decorate your home.

Buy embroidery in Ukraine in the Etnodim online store

Today, embroidery is in high demand not only in Ukraine but also abroad: according to Google, in recent years it is in the top most popular purchases. If you want to buy designer embroidered shirt with hand embroidery - order it in Kiev in our online store! The main advantages of buying from us:

  • original exclusive shirt style, designed by our brand designers;
  • high quality handmade embroidery with the use of special thin needles that do not disturb the fabric structure;
  • use for sewing of natural qualitative materials: linen, cotton, homespun cloth, poplin, chiffon and baptiste;
  • the ability to order several sizes of your favorite fitting item.

We offer the most affordable and fair prices for embroidery and other embroidery products. Order them on with delivery in Ukraine and abroad!