Behind the scenes of Etnodim
Five impressions of the new team. Secrets of Etnodim. Worker's story
What is behind beautiful success stories? Yes, we all once read non-fiction literature, or saw documentaries, and we have a certain idea like “a difficult human fate, the struggle with obstacles, a lot of work” and this is unconditional.

But the most important advice that is given to young beginner businessmen is to find your people.

About ETNODIM we can say that these are people who have found each other. I became part of Etnodim six months ago, so I will share with you fresh impressions of those who are behind the brand name.
First impression: All the people who work here are very different

Different temperaments, different ways of working and even the rhythms of life. Everyone freely expresses his opinion and expresses his position. This allows you to consider the issue from different angles and find the perfect solutions. The differentness of each - makes this brand unique.

And common ground makes the concept stronger. ETNODIM is a family where everyone can be himself and do what is close to him.
Second impression: Work - it is something more than the usual working mechanisms

I was struck by the attitude of these people to their work. Believe me, it does not end at 19 p.m and even when the doors of our store are closed. At 2 a.m a working chat can be active. No, this is not annoying and not tiring, because we love what we do.
Third impression: ETNODIM has its own traditions

From small manifestations of attention and care for each other every day, from relaxing together to celebrating important dates. Here they know about each other's dreams and desires, here they push towards self-development, here they support.
Fourth impression: In such a team it’s not scary to make mistakes

One can doubt the level of steepness of one's own ideas, but here it is not scary to voice them. Therefore, even a crude and immature idea, thanks to the experience of other members of the team, can become a cool project.
Fifth impression: I am surrounded by people who have been working here for years

For me, as for a person who often changes his place of work, a person of a generation in whom everyone is accustomed to a constant change of activity - 7 and 9 years of work in one brand sounds shocking.

But this is an indicator of good working conditions, good attitude and growth opportunities. This little secret was revealed to me: in order to try yourself in the new, you do not need leave ETNODIM, because it covers a huge range of activities.
We work hard, we laugh
we get tired and relax.

We produe more than clothes
because we feel
part of an important job.

We all ended up here
because they wanted to create
and give beauty to others.
Article prepared by Manana Glonti 10.01.2020

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