Etnodim photo project

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Every season preserves memories inside us. But summer ones are like raspberry jam that will cure our throats in winter.
etnodim x brudna

Our new photo project is a story about young friends spending summer together. In this most immediate time of the year, which has the magical ability to bring us back to the farewell to childhood before the melancholy of autumn.

The scorching sun seems to burn away all previous experiences and fears and gives us the opportunity to be "like children every summer" as Blooms Corda sings.”.

A native village, a trip to the Carpathians, a grandmother's garden, a favorite river or tree in summer - these become the last chapter of a fascinating book that you want to stretch out for longer and read as soon as possible.

Each of the heroes of the photo shoot falls into serenity, leaning down to the ground to smell its herbs and remember how they used to be dreamers.

And how many Ukrainian classics caught summer poetry:

“My feet trample the sleepy grasses
on the narrow border with joy and grace.
On a day like this, to give oneself to kisses!
On a day like this, to live with inspiration!
My body is drunk with the sun,
melting and bending in it like a candle,
and the excited ears of grain
tremble as they lean against my shoulder.”

Olena Teliha

Photo - Anna Brudna
Style - Evhenia Skvarskaya
Beauty - Ekateryna Tokareva, Danylo Ruzhnitsky
Models - Oleksii Berezovsky, Elyzaveta Lanova, Eva Poduryan
Locations - Khrystyna Buniy
Collection - Etnodim x Ivan Honchar Museum, summer 2023