Embroidery and everyday life: 4 stories from ETNODIM participants

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Under the terms of the project, we selected different, contrasting participants and gave them dresses to spend their usual day in embroidery and told about it.
Embroidery and everyday life: 4 stories from ETNODIM participants
Under the slogan: "Clothing is not only about physical, but also about emotional comfort" - we tried to explore how the embroidery fits into the everyday rhythm of ukrainians. 
About 2 weeks after the announcement of the conditions for participation in the project "The Impact of Embroidery on Everyday Life" we received about 600 applications. The participants shared their own particular stories, told about their activities and their own attitude to the embroidered clothes. The ETNODIM team selected four different, contrasting images, four girls for the interview project. We gave them dresses to spend their usual day in embroidery and share their experiences.

The project participants were::

1. Alina Kondratenko is a portrait photographer who has been doing this for 10 years.
2. Daria Brykaylo is a public oncology activist, co-founder of the social organization Soul Sisters, a social entrepreneur. Mom of three children.
3. Tatiana Teren is a journalist and cultural manager, working as the executive director of the Ukrainian PEN Club - an organization that deals with human rights, promotion of culture and literature.
4. Nika Prohorchuk - makes video reviews of gadgets for Youtube channel "Rozetka", a volunteer at the "Virtue Club".

The first participant:

Alina Kondratenko.

I have been following the Ethnodim brand for a long time and I have always liked their aesthetics. The project seemed an interesting opportunity for a closer acquaintance with the company. I decided to wear the embroidery on a trip to France. The embroidered dress is already well-known clothing and very comfortable for walking around the city.

In addition, the dress is almost a ready-made bow - only shoes and accessories need to be picked up. By the way, by the way, everything is also easy to fold - for special events, shoes with heels will fit, and for everyday walks you can wear comfortable sneakers.

Блог: Элемент: Коллекция Flowers - Редактирование Фото 3
Блог: Элемент: Коллекция Flowers - Редактирование Фото 4

Dress - Borodina Dark

The journey started from Paris, I had a few shots that day and walked around the city with a friend.
It turned out that working in such a dress is also very convenient - it is long, loose cut, does not restrict movement. I like it when I shoot, I don't think about what I will look like if I sit down, for example. The first shot in the morning was with Irena Karpa, she approvingly noted my Ukrainian bow.
On the walk I felt very strange almost immediately - a waiter from a cafe on the street, located directly under the house where I lived, loudly asked in English: "Do you speak French? Where are you from? ». To hear English from a Parisian waiter is expensive.

My friend, a Swiss of Spanish descent, immediately realized that it was not just a dress, but an item that had a direct bearing on national clothing, he was very addicted and made many compliments. We have talked to him a lot about the fact that it is very rare now, in big cities, who wear things that have to do with ethnic identification, and that can be done cool and modern.

I like the overall image that the embroidered dress creates - I feel like a modern Ukrainian, this is an important part of self-identification for me. It also gives a lot of space for creativity - you can mix images by adding accessories, changing your hairstyle or shoes.

The conclusion of my journey - an embroidered dress is the perfect solution. It looked cool in restaurants as an appropriate outfit and day walks around the city, as well as working clothes to shoot.

Second participant:

I have long dreamed of a dress and it was from Etnodim. But, I didn't really believe in my own strength because the number of participants was impressive. And when I got it, I wanted to put it in the store right away. However, I still could not decide. After all, for me, embroidery is a nice outfit, even a formal one. Big holidays, important events, but just not so easy to dress for a meeting. So the feelings were mixed.

Блог: Элемент: Вышиванка и обыденность. 4 истории участниц от проекта ETNODIM - Редагування Фото 5

As if she is very beautifully dressed, as for everyday affairs. Somehow very beautifully dressed, as for ordinary affairs. And when she listened to her feelings, the dress made magic. I immediately improved mood, wanted a beautiful makeup, hairstyle, I put on beautiful shoes and everything, my day immediately went in a good mood. And the dress is very tactile. On the embroidery you want to hold your hands and feel every thread under your fingers.
I was not complimented, but I caught my eyes. When asked if I would wear an embroidery on and on, Daria Brykaylo replied, "Yes! And now it's not just on holidays."
More about the day in the embroidery from Daria Brykaylo can be heard on: (link to the recording of public radio).

Third participant: 

It seemed to me long ago that the surprised reactions to the embroidery as something unique and evocative remained in the past, and this thought was confirmed - wrote Tatiana Teren. I had a few work meetings that day, so I was in a dress from the morning. I chose this particular day as the annual party of Harper's Bazaar Ukraine was scheduled to take place in the evening. So I decided it would be a good reason to put on a dress from ETNODIM for the first time.

But outside of parties and meetings with colleagues, it was an ordinary busy day, which included trips to the minibuses, taxis, the subway, work in the cafe and a hike to the hairdresser. So I "tested" my dress in different audiences and in different environments..

Блог: Элемент: Вышиванка и обыденность. 4 истории участниц от проекта ETNODIM - Редактирование Фото 5

Dress - Wave

""Fortunately, the time when embroidery was a challenge every time was a sign of protest. I am glad that embroidery has remained an inspiration for our designers and, at the same time, that it has entered our daily household culture without becoming part of the" haywire "and keeping after all, treating her as a special garment is not only festive, but also of special importance. ""

The reactions were not so much that it was an embroidery, but that it was a beautiful dress. "One woman at the bus stop asked where it was possible to buy it," Tatiana shared.

Fourth participant: 

"I love embroideries. It seems to me that most people perceive them exclusively as holiday attire for Independence Day or another public holiday. And I think that embroidery should be bigger in everyday life," - writes Nika Prokhorchuk. 

At first I was going to plan my day in embroidery, but then decided to spend the usual. I was wondering what my favorite would say. He really liked it. He repeated several times: "What is so beautiful?" They paid attention in the office and on the street did compliments. I was buying coffee and there was a man behind me who said, "It is immediately apparent that a real lioness and tongue and clothes came to the capital." I am often asked where I am from and confused with the lions, saying that the pronunciation is very similar. Although I was born in Kiev, and all my life until this year in everyday life I used Russian.

Блог: Элемент: Коллекция Flowers - Редактирование Фото 3
Блог: Элемент: Коллекция Flowers - Редактирование Фото 4

Dress - Butterfly Dress

"The dress added moods, I felt like a queen. Now I understand that this dress will become a basic thing in my wardrobe. Clothes affect the thoughts and even the behavior of a person. I try to wear more dresses and skirts in my life. Both gait, movements and mood change. appears purely female - flirtatious. "

According to the study, after examining 600 questionnaires and 4 dresses tested, it can be hypothesized that most Ukrainians perceive embroidery as a festive attire for Independence Day or religious holidays. But they are ready to experiment and change that. An embroidered dress can affect mood and event formation throughout the day. And the society in its majority no longer responds to the embroidery as something unusual.

Prepared by Manana Glonti