Historical event: the embroidery "Slovo" entered the collection of the Ivan Honchar museum

Історична подія: вишиванка “Слово” потрапила у колекцію музею Івана Гончара We received official confirmation that our work has cultural value for future generations. Not just a brand, but a modern national outfit that will be studied and researched by posterity.
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 Information about the embroidered shirt "Slovo"

In May 2021, we created an embroidery dedicated to the Shot Revival. The design was developed by Anna Fesenko (decorative and applied art artist, brand designer).
Блог: Элемент: Історична подія: вишиванка “Слово” потрапила у колекцію музею Івана Гончара - Редактирование Фото 8
The embroidered shirt was worn by the writer Serhiy Zhadan, the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, the band "Kalush Orchestra", singer Jamala, Khrystyna Solovii, Hollywood actress of Ukrainian origin Catherine Vinnyk, director Oleksandr Stekolenko, Kyiv architect Slava Balbek and others.

How do we describe an idea?

In the 1920s, the legendary Kharkiv building "Slovo" was built specifically for writers. Architect Dashkevich symbolically designed a house in the shape of the letter "C". Legendary figures of our culture became happy residents. But they were all trapped.
In 1933, the intelligentsia, specially gathered in one place, was subjected to systematic repression, it was destroyed. There are many transparent symbols on the embroidery (such ornaments):

Goats are the futurist artist Anatoly Petrytskyi, who painted them on his cheeks.

Khvylky - writer Mykola Khvylovy.

Straight lines in the form of birch strips - Les Kurbas and the actors of the "Berezil" theater.

Vyshnyi - humorist writer Ostap Vyshnya.

Bunch of grapes - Valerian Polishchuk, author of the almanac "Bunch".

Christmas tree branch - Mykhailo Yalovy.

Birds/Crows - cars of the Volga, Seagulls, which followed and kidnapped writers and artists.

Shirt with a free cut. It has long rolled-in sleeves with dropped shoulders. On the bottom of the sleeve there is a cuff with a 1-button fastener. Central front fastening in the center. Classic stand-up collar. Back on the yoke.

Vyshyvanka exists in two colors: black and beige.

We have one feature. This feature can also be called a great responsibility: we create ornaments with new meanings that are relevant for society now. We want to record the values of the recent history of Ukraine, the renewed identity, lost facts, views and aspirations of our people. That is why we are dedicating collections to Ukrainian artists, the Shot-and-Broken Revival, and historical monuments. Such as Flowers of Ukraine and important events in our country - the creative team of the brand.