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 Where to buy a unique emroidered shirt which would suit you perfectly? How to find a weave of male or female shirt to your liking? BEsides, the same shirt should be made of natural cloth and right size. The are the events  and situations in our life when putting an embroidery shirt on is needed,  as it is a genuine, authentic and elegant wear. 

The Etnodim collective stands for our producst being bought and customers were satisfied. Considering this, we use cloth of a high quality, professionally embroided patterns, lastly, we take responsilibity for our work. Those who have bought our wares, leave positive feedback positively and shares the love to their friends and families.

EtnoDim online store  has been fouded by the people who are the venerators of their own, native and Ukrainian staff, and, what the most important, there are highly qualified craftsmen, who create weaves, embroider and sew. We endeavor to pariticipate in revival of the Ukrainian traditions while offering embroidery shirts to our clients.

So long as you are iterested in embroidered shirts  and would like to buy them for an affordable price, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you and aswer all your questions.
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