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An embroidered handmade towel is the best family wrap

Cross-stitched towels - products of many meanings and symbolic. Created by sacred ancient laws, they not only spectacularly decorate everyday life, but also represent a symbolic reminder of the powerful, invisible connection between generations of Ukrainians. It has long been said that these things embody the path of life, so their banners must be continuous and intact. They reliably protect the house from damage and unclean power, and the embroidered ornament has its magical meaning.

The original embroidered towel for the wedding in Kyiv

Many rituals concerning the marriage and birth of a young family do not lose their relevance even after centuries. The tradition of buying or making cross-stitched wedding towels is very ancient and important. During the marriage ceremony, the bride and groom take the first step into a new, family life. Decorated with original designs and national ornaments, these products are a unique means of evil eye and a kind of pledge of mutual understanding in family relationships. At least three handmade embroidered towels are required for this celebration, which differ from each other:

-special embroidered towels on the icons that bless the young;
-articles underfoot. The newlyweds become one and only once in their lives;
-model, which bind the hands of husband and wife when brought into the house.

You can buy an embroidered towel for your wedding in Kiev at the modern ETNODIM online store.

Options for all occasions

In our online store you can choose models for all occasions. In addition to weddings, embroidered towels for Easter are very popular, because they are indispensable attributes of this great Christian holiday. Many hundreds of years ago, our great-grandfathers carefully prepared for this serious celebration. In the post, they decorated their homes with so-called "lean" models, which were snow-white in color or slightly decorated with special patterns in the corners. In the very same holiday it was supposed to collect an Easter set: to put Easter eggs, kulichi, cahors in a basket and cover it all with a richly embroidered, beautiful towel. He was a symbol of goodness, wealth and prosperity. In difficult times for Ukraine, a sincere belief in tradition allows many Ukrainians to draw on healing power and not to fall in spirit. That is why on the eve of the Great Day it is necessary to get special handmade products. We bring to your attention a wide choice of the most various variants, among which everyone will find the model to liking.

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