Проект Drabyna: Участница Светлана Полевик
П"ять вражень про новий колектив. Секрети Etnodim. Історія від працівниці.
Фотопроект "Идеальное одиночество" с Алиной Паш и картинами Эдварда Хоппера
Let's keep the invisible connection of feelings between people the way artists hold our attention in front of their works.
read more 02.06.2020
Производство ETNODIM: Второй месяц на карантине
We were scattered in different parts of the capital, region and even the city. But we work together to adequately meet the season of warm wind, the scorching sun and embroidered linen dresses.
read more 18.05.2020
Как стартовал новый проект ETNODIM: Наборы для вышивания
Embroidery at work and under a glass of wine. 4 inspiring stories about designers to create an embroidered shirt yourself.
read more 17.05.2020
Наборы для вышивания собственноручно от ETNODIM
Contour embroidery is a new project where we get closer to you and have the opportunity to interact.
read more 06.04.2020
Проект Drabyna: Участница Светлана Полевик
Svetlana's work is an example of not necessarily requiring graphic editors to participate in the project. The main thing is an idea that is clearly communicated.
read more 04.02.2020
Репрезентация ETNODIM 2020
Talking about 2020, remembering the best moments of 2019, showing the faces of the people behind the brand name.
read more 02.01.2020
До сих пор сомневаешься участвовать ли в проекте DRABYNA от ETNODIM?
Designer Liliya Kasianchuk shares her experience to allay your doubts.
read more 25.12.2019
ETNODIM в фотопроекте Присутствие (природа и сущность)
We create embroideries, so we want to have a constant connection with the traditions born in Ukraine, small and large villages, near rivers, forests and mountains.
read more 03.12.2019
Проект DRABYNA: Участница Анна Фесенко
Anna's history shows that, based on experience and knowledge, you can create unique designs. The participant was inspired by the geometry of Ukrainian towels and modernized the Tree of Life.
read more 14.11.2019
Представляем эскиз и историю участницы проекта DRABYNA Кати Буштрук
We have launched a project for young designers. Dozens of work have been received, and today we are ready to introduce you to one of the participants whose work has already begun to be implemented with the ETNODIM team.
read more 05.11.2019

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