Нова вишиванка присвячена національному інструменту - бандурі
The Ukrainian song is the bottomless soul of the Ukrainian people, it is their glory. O. Dovzhenko
read more 27.04.2023
Історична подія: вишиванка “Слово” потрапила у колекцію музею Івана Гончара
On December 1, 2022, the team of the Etnodim brand handed over to the archive of the Ivan Honchar museum an embroidered shirt dedicated to the Shot Revival, designed in 2021 by the brand's designer Anna Fesenko.
read more 01.12.2022
Етнодім створили вишиванку присвячену Григорію Сковороді
For the 300th anniversary of the Ukrainian philosopher, the Etnodim brand developed an embroidered shirt with ornaments based on his work
read more 19.10.2022
Революция на граните
A new project with revolutionary ribbons
read more 19.10.2022
День Независимости: Etnodim и Сергей Жадан
Together with Serhii Zhadan, an outstanding Ukrainian writer and poet, we share with you his new poem written on the eve of Independence Day.
read more 26.08.2022
Новый фотопроект от Etnodim "Вдосвіта"
“Vdosvita” - before dawn.
read more 15.07.2022
"Стены музеев"
The new Etnodim project to support culture
read more 05.07.2022
Вишитые сорочки с орнаментом украинских городов-героев Yednist та Smilyvist
Ethnodim designers have created two embroidered shirts with different meanings, but with one main symbolism.
read more 20.06.2022

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