Проект Drabyna: Участница Светлана Полевик
Five impressions about the new team. Secrets of Etnodim. A story from an employee.
Read more 19.02.2020
Вишиванка Etnodim «Квіти України»
Our designer Anna Fesenko dedicated the embroidered shirt to a modernist building in the capital
read more 11.05.2022
Проект Intonacia совместный с брендом Bloxa
Look or Listen: A Photo Story
read more 21.02.2022
Etnodim: Мужская коллекция
Etnodim presents a new look at the men's collection of embroideries.
read more 11.01.2022
Фотопроект Etnodim: В поисках Повитрули
What connects the reflections of modern man and folk mythology?
read more 27.08.2021
Дневник лета
New collection of Etnodim dresses and embroidered shirts in a photo project with Stepan Lisovsky.
read more 27.08.2021
Интерьер магазина Etnodim
Online shopping is fast. And offline is about the atmosphere and a closer acquaintance.
read more 27.08.2021
Уход за вышиванками Etnodim
Etnodim tips for caring for our products as we are together for a long time <3
read more 27.08.2021
Голливудская актриса Кэтрин Виннык в вышиванке ETNODIM
Katherine chose to celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine in an embroidered "Word".
read more 27.08.2021
DRABYNA: Новая участница Ева Адамовская подсознательно вдохновилась логотипом бренда Etnodim
Freedom of decision was felt while working on the sketch. It seems to me that freedom is inherent in the brand itself.
read more 05.07.2021

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