Отрывки из беседы с новой участницей проекта Drabyna, Аленой Михайлюк
Each new participant is a new world. Try yourself in the Drabyna project and it will get closer than you think.
read more 28.05.2021
Проект Drabyna от ETNODIM - это платформа возможностей для дизайнеров и начинающих свой путь.
When ideas come to life and become real in the material world.
read more 17.03.2021
"Твой гардероб - это твоя галерея"
Your mood and comfort are the main landmarks responsible for the harmony between the inner state and appearance.
read more 13.01.2021
Проект DRABYNA: Платье по мотивам сказочного цветка
"When placing the motifs, I imagined that the dress was a field, so the ornament took up every detail of the dress."
read more 06.10.2020
Вышиванка по мотивам писанки от участницы проекта DRABYNA
* DRABYNA is a project for young designers and artists who want to try their hand at creating embroidered shirts and embroidered dresses. The best ideas will be implemented together with ETNODIM.
read more 27.09.2020
Aqua Real - коллекция платьев и вышиванок
Relaxed shades, the Odessa sea, thin linen, like translucent paint and a delicate painting in the hands of the artist.
read more 15.09.2020
Впервые участницей проекта DRABYNA стала 12-летняя девочка
The young artist, Dasha Kolomiets, created a sketch of a children's dress, which was realized by the Etnodim team as part of a project for young designers.
read more 05.08.2020
Вышиванки созданные людьми
The new project has a show of the name, revealing that rice is quiet, that I am showing Etnodim in such a way as you want it to be.
read more 21.07.2020
Фотопроект "Идеальное одиночество" с Алиной Паш и картинами Эдварда Хоппера
Let's keep the invisible connection of feelings between people the way artists hold our attention in front of their works.
read more 02.06.2020
Производство ETNODIM: Второй месяц на карантине
We were scattered in different parts of the capital, region and even the city. But we work together to adequately meet the season of warm wind, the scorching sun and embroidered linen dresses.
read more 18.05.2020

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