Новый фотопроект от Etnodim "Вдосвіта"
“Vdosvita” - before dawn.
read more 15.07.2022
"Стены музеев"
The new Etnodim project to support culture
read more 05.07.2022
Вишитые сорочки с орнаментом украинских городов-героев Yednist та Smilyvist
Ethnodim designers have created two embroidered shirts with different meanings, but with one main symbolism.
read more 20.06.2022
ETNODIM art collection
Joint embroidered shirts from: Malevich, Exter, Zadorozhny, Saenko, Prikhodko, Gushul, Sobachko-Shostak, Korchinsky.
Вишиванка Etnodim «Квіти України»
Our designer Anna Fesenko dedicated the embroidered shirt to a modernist building in the capital
read more 11.05.2022
Проект Intonacia совместный с брендом Bloxa
Look or Listen: A Photo Story
read more 21.02.2022
Etnodim: Мужская коллекция
Etnodim presents a new look at the men's collection of embroideries.
read more 11.01.2022
Фотопроект Etnodim: В поисках Повитрули
What connects the reflections of modern man and folk mythology?
read more 27.08.2021
Дневник лета
New collection of Etnodim dresses and embroidered shirts in a photo project with Stepan Lisovsky.
read more 27.08.2021

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