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Проект Drabyna: Участница Светлана Полевик
Five impressions about the new team. Secrets of Etnodim. A story from an employee.
Read more 19.02.2020
Пять преимуществ вышитой рубашки от обычной
In this article, we decided to tell men about the possibilities and leads where you can put an embroidered shirt instead of the usual one.
read more 14.12.2018
С вышиванкой на теле: почему я сделал татуировку?
The ETNODIM team decided to interview people with "embroidered" on the body, and to learn about the motives, the meaning of the tattoo and their vision of Ukraine's future.
read more 03.12.2018
"Будни с вышиванкой". 9 образов на каждый день
Today it is not obligatory to wear embroidery only on holidays. Embroidered clothes become routine. Where can I wear embroidery?
read more 20.11.2018
Гороскоп вышиванок от ETNODIM
We created our own horoscope, picking up each embroidery zodiac sign or dress from ETNODIM wardrobe.
read more 14.11.2018
8 причин полюбить осень вместе с ETNODIM Home
We have prepared a peculiar list of home textiles with which autumn you can make the warm and cozy.
read more 26.10.2018
Streetstyle от Etnodim в Нью-Йорке
We visited America and made a photo shoot with embroidery in the capital of the world.
read more 25.10.2018
Home Story. 1 день из жизни Алёны Османовой
Alona Osmanova - ukrainian model, actress. We decided to spend 1 day with the Alonya and learn about her everyday rituals.
read more 19.09.2018
Гардероб от ETNODIM: Что одеть в офис?
Beautiful clothes - this is exactly what can lift the mood in working weekdays. This is your business card and an important aspect in the career path.
read more 05.09.2018
Новая осенняя коллекция "Inspired by embroidery"
ETNODIM introduced an autumn collection of women's dresses and embroidered linen, combining them with a brilliant megapolis.
read more 03.09.2018
В День знаний вместе с ETNODIM: что одеть ребенку на линейку?
Clothes should be not only practical and comfortable, but also enjoy the child so that she feels special and beautiful.
read more 27.08.2018

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