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Проект Drabyna: Участница Светлана Полевик
Five impressions about the new team. Secrets of Etnodim. A story from an employee.
Read more 19.02.2020
Подольские летние прогулки: стритстайл от ETNODIM
In ETNODIM clothing, you can look like an Evening Kyiv: genuine, colorful, special. With its own style, special features and exceptional, unique to you beauty.
read more 03.08.2018
Топ 8 вещей от ETNODIM, которые стоит взять в отпуск
Clothing from ETNODIM is not only an opportunity to introduce people from other countries to the culture of Ukraine, but also always have a universal, comfortable and unique wardrobe.
read more 19.07.2018
Инсталляция от ETNODIM к празднику Ивана Купала
The team ETNODIM specifically for the holiday of Ivan Kupala prepared a photo shooting with the installation on the theme of the traditional action, recalling the features of the performance and attributes of the holiday.
read more 10.07.2018
Коллекция Flowers
Collection Flowers is about the esthetics of the most important connection, which finds expression in clothes: look at your future and see yourself in reflection. It's about "you are so similar!", about the symmetry of beauty and maximum ease.
read more 07.07.2018
Топ-5 лучших орнаментов от участников конкурса ETNODIM
As promised, we chose the 5 most interesting works from 300 who took part in the contest "For the best embroidery design" and took a mini-interview from the authors of the sketches.
read more 05.06.2018
Коллекция Easy 2018
The new collection is about a girl inspired by the sea, sunset. About minimalism, simplicity and peace. About ease not only in design, but also in the feeling of material on the body.
read more 31.05.2018
Создай дизайн вышивки и получи 10 000 грн
The author of the best design will get 10 000 UAH. In addition, his work will be implemented in a limited number of 100 units.
read more 04.05.2018
HI! Legs - новый проект от ETNODIM
At the beginning of 2018 there was an understanding of what we want and can be more than just a shoe manufacturer. So the idea of ​​creating a new brand with a charity direction emerged.
read more 03.04.2018
Детская коллекция вышиванок 2018
What is childhood? What do you remember having heard this word?
read more 22.03.2018

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