A 12-year-old girl became a participant of the DRABYNA project

Впервые участницей проекта DRABYNA стала 12-летняя девочка

Unexpectedly, a teenage girl became a participant in the project for young designers Drabyna. At the time of the sketch creation, the artist Dasha Kolomiets was 12. She said that she had invented the dress in fragments. First came the chamomile, then the tree and people. Subsequently, the people on the dress became colored. 

*Project DRABYNA - is a project for young designers and artists who want to try their hand at creating embroidered shirts and embroidered dresses. You can send us your ideas with descriptions. Those that appeal to the brand's style the most will be implemented in cooperation with Etnodim.

"I guess I came up with this dress so that when I look at it, I have not only butterflies in my stomach, but a whole field with daisies and I hope that this will be not only for me." 

Блог: Элемент: Коллекция Flowers - Редактирование Фото 3
Блог: Элемент: Коллекция Flowers - Редактирование Фото 4

This is how Dasha describes her work:

"It was my dream to invent clothes. I am very glad, because not every child has such an opportunity. And so I came up with a dress, the recipe of which I will tell you."

1. A teaspoon of kindness
2. A little of your mood (just a little)
3. Leave it to swell a little (to add lightness)
4. While it swells, prepare what will make it look like one whole. Mix a little chamomile aroma with a tear of happiness (ONE)
5. Stir and add a pinch of fairy dust from butterflies in the stomach. After the base has become airy, mix everything
6. Put in the freezer for half an hour
7. Last bake at (hearts) degrees, add decorative details and enjoy it.

Dasha believes that all people are beautiful and equal, despite the fact that they may differ from each other.

Блог: Элемент: Впервые участницей проекта DRABYNA стала 12-летняя девочка - Редактирование Фото 5


"When I imagine this dress, I immediately see a man dancing in it. He is on the seashore, with flowers in his hair, and beside him are singing sea lard a song (cough cough, yes, this is a reference to the cartoon" Adventure Time "). Hopefully whoever wears this dress will feel something like a sea lard butterfly. ""

Dasha's parents are artists. She learned to draw from childhood. She began to study photo editors about two years ago, but at first she always draws on paper. She tries herself in creating animation, runs her own YouTube channel, where she teaches how to draw comics, collects retro things and creates dolls. Dasha dreams of creating her own brand, and we sincerely wish her every success.

Блог: Элемент: Впервые участницей проекта DRABYNA стала 12-летняя девочка - Редактирование Фото 6

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