Singing Collaboration: Etnodim and Schuka-Ryba

Коллаборация с пением: Etnodim и Щука-Рыба

When we first heard the folk group "Schuka-Ryba" sing, we understood - we need to combine Ukrainian folk singing with our design! After all, the members of the team are professional ethnologists and folklorists.

During their own expeditions to central Ukraine, they collect songs and perform them without arranging them - in their original sound.

Our project is a live musical picture.

"The song, like the embroidered shirt, is an integral part and a kind of business card of our culture and finds a resonance somewhere in the middle of everyone." - Denis, a member of the group "Schuka-Ryba".

Блог: Элемент: Коллекция Flowers - Редактирование Фото 3
Блог: Элемент: Коллекция Flowers - Редактирование Фото 4

In total, the group consists of 10 members. We talked to Yarina and Denis, who sang in the project with Etnodim.


The project with "Etnodim" is interesting, first of all, acquaintance with wonderful people inspired by traditional culture, and of course, joint creation of beauty on the basis of Ukrainian!

The shooting was fun, easy, and left a warm impression, although the song was not fun. We performed a lyrical song from the Kirovohrad region - "Не ходи, улане", which contains all the sadness of unhappy love and, hell, good melody.

Ukrainian authentic singing is important for its uniqueness, variety, beauty, depth of sound and content of texts.

Today, the Ukrainian tradition is gaining popularity and at the same time the performer has a responsibility to delve deeper into the context and focus on primary sources - this is the message I want to send to people who are inspired and use folklore in every way.

I enjoy the performance, and I want to contribute to the promotion of this long-lasting, but always relevant beauty in such a fast-paced world. 


For more than seven years I have been promoting traditional culture in various modern projects. Globally and naively, this is my class-secret goal. I'm practically trying to understand the commercialization process for such a specific product. It is important for me to draw inspiration and information from the origins and sources, traditional culture is just that, and traditional music is one of its types. After all, every case must have a meaningful basis. Therefore, I am happy to work with such material & nbsp; and I can be a guarantor of what I do and what I say (smiles). 

Etnodim is a modern and interesting business that touches my field of activity, so for me it was a good experience of cooperation, where I could observe the experience of people, their motives and background. After all, I often analyze my field and everyone involved.

To me ... Shooting is fun and romantic. The entourage of the botanical garden and the laughter of the team added special inspiration.

Блог: Элемент: Интерьер магазина Etnodim - Редактирование Фото 3
Блог: Элемент: Интерьер магазина Etnodim - Редактирование Фото 4

Etnodim is a great platform for sharing and introducing its audience to traditional music. After all, ideas about this music and culture in general, in my opinion, are insufficient, so it's great to offer an interesting stylish and modern story as an alternative (smiles).

We sang a typical lyrical song with an interesting dramatic plot. More often Ukrainians are associated with goptsadrytsa, vodka and entertainment, and in such songs the meaning is deep, powerful lyrical hero, strong emotion. What did the person who composed this text experience? How did she live? And what beautiful phrases! This song seems perfect to me for a duet, that's why it happened to Denis.

I would paraphrase: singing is not important, it is a part of me, I have been living with it for a long time. I love the lyrics of Ukrainian songs, every time - a new world.

The members of the ensemble study the current state of life of the folk tradition, study, collect and reproduce folk songs.

We look in one direction. Eyes full of love for everything Ukrainian.

We want to preserve folk traditions, integrating them into the present. And this is where the philosophy of our brand and Schuka-Ryba converge.

After all, the philosophy of the Etnodim brand is to feel the roots of the traditions of our people in their own veins and to show them in different colors.

The original style of answers has been preserved.