National tradition or a stereotype?

Национальная традиция или стереотип?

Why do most ukrainians perceive embroidery as a thing needed in a wardrobe by the rules? A thing to wear exclusively for Independence Day and religious holidays? Statistics show that most Ukrainians perceive it as a symbol that they recall on special days. 

Yes, of course, embroidery is an important element of Ukrainian culture, reveals the mentality of our nation through the diversity of ornaments and their meanings. 

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But. ETNODIM offers a new perspective on national tradition. Vyshivanka is a Ukrainian art, an art created by our ancestors in the Middle Ages, which should develop, take on new forms, while remaining casual and festive clothing. And how not to lose the sacredness of tradition? The answer is very simple.

Sacrality is a sacrament that should not be turned into a stereotype of praise.

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Modern embroidery is not an exhibit for museum archives, it is not a relic for a large chest - it is a national outfit that should progress with the consciousness of Ukrainians. That is why, by destroying stereotypes, we urge Ukrainians to explore national traditions, to influence their own culture, to create it here and now, to make it an example of the combination of modern and historical.

ETNODIM shows the connection between fashion, art and traditions.

Блог: Элемент: Национальная традиция - стереотип? - Редактирование Фото 5

Together with the artist ZZZ, we share the perception of designer embroidered dresses and show our own interpretation, conveying her style, mood and character.

Prepared by - Mano Glonti