Embroidery dress based on Pysanka from a participant of the DRABYNA project

Вышиванка по мотивам писанки от участницы проекта DRABYNA

We would like to introduce the next participant in the "Drabyna" project - Marina Boyko.

*DRABYNA - is a project for young designers and artists who want to try their hand at creating embroidered shirts and embroidered dresses. You can send us your ideas with descriptions. Those that appeal to the brand's style the most will be implemented in cooperation with Etnodim.

Marina is an artist in the decor of costumes for rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating, as well as a fashion designer in the knitwear industry, but her employment does not end there. Working in her own atelier and creating clothes for ballroom dancing, she simultaneously created a sketch for participation in "Drabyna" for 10 days. She spent a total of 20-25 hours on this. When asked why exactly her work was selected by the designers of Etnodim, she answered: 

"I think it is in tune with the brand. It's not too traditional and not too theatrical. This is not a national costume, this is a modern dress based on a women's shirt, although the ornament there is taken from an Pysanka."

Free-cut linen dress with a lowered shoulder. Shaping tools - embossed notches in the waist and clasps on the sleeves. The sleeve has the effect of "loose sleeve embroidered". The neck and sleeves are decorated with a contrasting turn.

Блог: Элемент: Вышиванка по мотивам писанки от участницы проекта DRABYNA - Редактирование Фото 5

We were pleasantly surprised when Marina, speaking about dreams in design, raised the topic of consumer culture.

"I would like to bring more art into the design. I do not want to do just a faceless trendy thing on the example of mass markets, which make money on sales thanks to the "garbage heap" and dropshipping. And if designers and manufacturers today have understood this, then they are able to direct the client to a different style of consumption. I believe that Ukrainians have always been skillful artisans, they always knew where to go for boots, and where to go for canvas or ribbons, so my main desire is to revive this culture in a modern interpretation, namely to induce consumers to such thoughts. Of course, do not close yourself off from imported ones, but also appreciate the native."

Блог: Элемент: Вышиванка по мотивам писанки от участницы проекта DRABYNA - Редактирование Фото 6


The author of the dress noted the influence of the project on her life:

"So, my ethnic design orientation and love for Ukrainian culture have finally found a professional realization and this is important for me. It's cool when you work with what you live, I think this is the first step. I advise everyone to participate in Drabyna projects, not only for designers, but also for people who love Ukrainian culture and people in embroidered shirts. And if the idea is good, professionals will help you to implement it. For student designers, this is a great opportunity to get a cool practical experience - acquaintances and money, for example, for a graphic tablet or sewing your own collection, why not."

The whole Etnodim team loves the “Drabyna” project, because it introduces us to wonderful people, together with whom we create beauty.

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The author of the article - Manana Glonti