DRABYNA project: Dress based on a fairy flower

Проект DRABYNA: Платье по мотивам сказочного цветка

Very soon there will be a dress from the new participant of the Drabyna project Romanik Ekaterina.

A young designer, blogger in search of the perfect creative work came across our project. She says that she conceived the idea for a few days, and then with the help of a tablet and the Procreate program she realized the idea. 

*DRABYNA - is a project for young designers and artists who want to try their hand at creating embroideries and embroidered dresses. You can send us your ideas with descriptions. Those that most impress the brand's style will be implemented together with Etnodim.

"Making the placement of the motifs, I imagined that the dress was a field, so the ornament occupied every detail of it."

The ornament of the dress consists of a fairy flower motif combined with lilies of the valley and leaves. She came up with this combination inspired by the embroidery of Ukrainian Borshchev corsets. The color scheme of the dress is a combination of warm autumn and cold sky shades. At this period of creativity, such a range is a characteristic feature of the author's work.

"I put all my tenderness, love for floral ornaments and aesthetics of color combinations into the design of the dress to make the future owner of the dress feel in harmony with the clothes."

Блог: Элемент: Проект DRABYNA: Платье по мотивам сказочного цветка - Редактирование Фото 3

Блог: Элемент: Проект DRABYNA: Платье по мотивам сказочного цветка - Редактирование Фото 4

Ekaterina answered a few questions, after which our project will become clearer for you. 

What is your impression of the ETNODIM production?

I really liked the organization of all work processes in production. Each employee has his own workplace. And it's great! After all, production is well-established and comfortable for all employees. I believe that the production of ETNODIM can be an example for many Ukrainian brands.

How was your communication with the brand during the Drabyna project?

First, I sent the sketches by e-mail. mail, to my surprise a few days later I was told that the work was highly appreciated. Then after a while the brand scheduled a meeting and already in production met the whole team and received the promised reward.

Блог: Элемент: Проект DRABYNA: Платье по мотивам сказочного цветка - Редактирование Фото 5

Блог: Элемент: Коллекция Flowers - Редактирование Фото 3
Блог: Элемент: Коллекция Flowers - Редактирование Фото 4

Why do you think the designers chose your work for implementation?

Because in my work I recognize my own style and minimalist aesthetics, which is similar to the values ​​of the ETNODIM brand. Embodying the idea in the sketch, I tried not only to capture the character of the brand, but also to add something new from myself.

Has this project affected you/your life?

I think that yes, such projects give a big push to move up.

Every collaboration with a new participant is a new discovery and experience. New acquaintance with talented people, their world. One of Etnodim's designers becomes the curator who leads the participant. And they communicate from the start to the moment of realization of work.

Recall that the Drabyna project is designed for everyone who wants to try their hand at design. It is long, so you can send your sketches every month until the 25th.

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The author of the text is Manana Glonti