ETNODIM 2020 representation

Репрезентация ETNODIM 2020

Not in vain, remembering everything that happened to us during 2019, and planning our 2020, we created a video called "Representation".

Based on this word, we want to present you our vision of the brand development direction. It is about reflecting one into another: prior experience in new opportunities.

Andrew, Lilya, Masha and Zhenya talk about three sides of the ETNODIM brand: creation, promotion and implementation.

“This year we implemented a lot of substantial projects. Not just photo shoots for showing collections, but we did research, raised various topics with social overtones. For example, we launched the“ DRABYNA ”platform in order to give young designers a good start. It’s important for us “not only to create original clothes, but to convey to people our mission, forming a new history of Ukrainian embroidery,” says brand founder Andrew Cherukha

The aurthor of the article is Manana Glonti