New photo project from Etnodim "Vdosvita"

Новый фотопроект от Etnodim "Вдосвіта" We all seem to be in a space where it is impossible to measure time, as if our clocks and chronometers do not work. And the endurance and volunteers work.

Блог: Элемент: Новый фотопроект от Etnodim

Something inside is frozen, and the world and events continue to move. What is the border, what is the crossroads where the night ends and the morning begins?
This is enlightenment. At first glance, emptiness, but if you look closely, this is the moment from which the day begins. The elusive moment of the beginning of great and significant processes.
So if it seems to you that you are stuck somewhere between what you had and what should have been - look at nature. Observing her is a lesson. It is nature, with its dimensionality, cyclicality and laws, that gives us answers on how to cope with our lives.
It is she who shows us how closely our existence is connected with everything that surrounds us.

Блог: Элемент: Новый фотопроект от Etnodim

The greatest manifestation of unity lies in the environment, the interaction of natural processes. And anything created by man is a repetition or interpretation of it.
You can have the strength of a rock, you can worry like a blade of grass from the wind, you can hold on to your native land as if you have put down roots - and every time you will be yourself. Tell yourself how you feel, draw analogies with phenomena that you have known since childhood, such reflections will be honest and understandable.
Support yourself, take care of yourself, contemplate nature - let it embrace you with its beauty and peace.

Блог: Элемент: Новый фотопроект от Etnodim

See your reflection in the nature of Ukraine.

Photographer: Stepan Lisovskyi