Embroidered shirts are created by people

Вышиванки созданные людьми

Embroidered shirts and dresses made by people are our new project in which we show the names, faces and traits of those who create Etnodim as you see it today. This is a big team, 34 lives, which contribute to the development of the brand.

The idea came up spontaneously, as it usually happens. We all thought a lot about how to represent the manufacturing process, its stages, the number of processes, and most importantly the efforts of the people who work at Etnodim. This is how the project about our openness and responsibility was born.

At first, they hesitated how to reveal the stories of people who remain behind the scenes. How to introduce everyone interested in our brand to those who create it? And the answer found us. How people find favorite movies, favorite foods, math solutions, mentors, love or hobbies for life.

A separate page appeared on our website, on which we tried to warmly, humorously and meaningfully tell about everyone who works for us. 

"And most importantly, on our dresses and embroidered shirts, you can see a tag with the names of those who worked on them. Who sewed, who checked the embroidery, cut out, designed and developed the design?"

Team ETNODIM - https://etnodim.com.ua/we/

The feeling is similar to when you post photos of special events on the social network and everyone congratulates you. But this event, we hope, is important not only for us. When we show how much is invested in a job, how it functions, how much time and effort is spent, we hope that we are encouraging thinking about conscious consumption.

A brand doesn't exist without marketing. But marketing isn't just about advertising. This is creating an image.
And our image is reflected not only in products, but primarily in those who create these products.

"We know not only where we are going, but also thanks to whom."

We are pleased that you share this path with us. The path of development of modern Ukrainian clothing traditions.

The author of text is Manana Glonti