Delivery and payment


доставка по Киеву
Delivery within Kyiv
Delivered for free.
Купить в магазине ЕтноДом
Pickup from the store
You may try on and get the goods in the store located at Kyiv, 58 Verkhniy Val Street.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10.00 a.m.- 8.00p.m., Sat-Sun 11.00 a.m. - 7.00p.m. Moreover, you may come to the store to make your final choice.
Доставка Новой Почтой
Nova Poshta" delivery company
Delivery is made within 1-2 days.
Price for the delivery by Nova Poshta depends on the goods price, UAH 40 in average.
Доставка по миру
Shipping abroad
To order the goods outside Ukraine, please, pay in advance for the goods and shipping.
After the funds have been received, the goods will be shipped by mail. Shipping price depends on the weight and the receiving country, in average, USD 10 to European countries (1-2 shirts).

Payment within Ukraine can be performed via:
Наложеный платеж
Cash on delivery
In Nova Poshta office on goods delivery.
безналичний расчет
- Non-cash payment:
Private Entrepreneur Cherukha A.I. c/a 26002060482854 opened in Rivne Branch of PrivatBank PJSC CB, MFO 333391, EDRPOU 3318816815

For payments from foreign countries:
swift bic
- International system of money transfers SWIFT - BIC.
Western Union
- International system of money transfers Western Union.

Our wares are refundable
Within 31 days since the day of receiving, we give refuds for the returned goods. Such return is possible under the condition that the goods were not used. Please, send them back as a parcel by a delivery company. Funds are returned after we receive a parcel and check the goods are of proper quality.