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Linen home robes

Today clothes from natural materials are at the peak of popularity. Therefore, ETNODIM designers continue to follow the latest trends and do not cease to surprise customers with quality home clothes, this time creating a collection of bathrobes that are distinguished by modern design and cut. Linen fabrics, accessories, a variety of styles and colors of the ETNODIM bathrobes will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers.

Linen dressing gowns have a number of advantages:

- small absorb moisture.
- neutralize unpleasant smells.
- not accumulate static electricity in the cold season and have a favorable effect on the immunity of the body.
- provide a good heat transfer. The flaxen clothes in the heat will always be colder than the ambient temperature, and warmer in the cold.
- have unique antiseptic properties.
- linen bathrobe is a durable thing, because linen cloth can withstand more washings, is not afraid of ironing.

The linen bathrobes will be an excellent choice as a home dressing gown for the summer. You can also use such a bathrobe in the sauna, sauna, hotel, as well as in SPA-salons and other similar establishments.

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