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Agree that came home from the street after outdoor activities, training, hard day, you want to plunge into the atmosphere of warmth and calm, get a boost of energy, know stress and fatigue. 

Slippers always been, is and will remain one of the main associations comfort.
If you are looking for a comfortable home shoes can recommend excellent linen slippers for not slick soles. 

Каталог: Раздел: Редактирование Фото 2 It is made of high quality material - leather, which makes the durability and strength. 

These slippers are elegant and light, do not interfere with walking, do not create unnecessary noise and bad they are not sweating feet. 

It linen fabric from which they are made, has anti-allergic properties, prevents fungal diseases, inflammation and breathing well.

The main advantages of our proposed home shoes are high quality, using only natural materials, long life and good looks. 

Linen slippers ETNODIM be stylish and indispensable feature of your home.

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