Information Photo 4
What should be pajamas? There are several options for choosing this practical home clothes. First, you should pay attention to the model kit. Pajamas should not have tight gum, uncomfortable clasps, pajamas should not restrain movement, too tightly fit the body.
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Information Photo 5
Oversize things are baggy, deliberately large, sometimes - dimensionless variations of everyday clothes that women can wear in a completely different physique. Girls with voluminous shapes make such an outfit visually smoother, the owners with a thin fragile figure - adds charm. How to wear such clothes correctly?
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Information Photo 6
Today, linen is rapidly emerging as a leader among popular fabrics for making clothes. Practical, comfortable in winter and in summer, eco-friendly material can be worn for children, allergic people, pregnant women. Linen is endowed with healing power, its touch to the skin is always pleasant, fills the body with energy.
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Linen clothes and home textiles are very popular and there are many reasons for this. Why for many years people buy linen products and do not change them for products made from more modern, attractive and pleasant to the touch fabrics?
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Information Photo 8
Linen clothes at all times attracted by its naturalness and amazing properties. But many still prefer to wear products from mixed fabrics or plant fibers of a different type. Why is linen - so useful, practical, healing - not popular with everyone?
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Information Photo 9
Clothes made from flax were always popular. Today such products are especially in demand. It is fashionable to wear dresses, sarafans, shirts of natural materials! But is this the secret of the success of linen products in modern trends? Rather, on the contrary - the popularity of this fabric among designers is dictated by its useful and practical properties.
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Clothes made of flax attracts with its ecological compatibility and durability. This fabric perfectly passes air and provides the correct temperature regime in any weather. But there is a catch - the material is very whimsical and needs delicate care.If you remember the main recommendations, then caring for it will not cause you difficulties.
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Information Photo 11
Since ancient times, for Ukrainians clothes with embroidered ornaments have been a reliable amulet and was considered a shrine. The embroideries were worn only on holidays and handed over the relics created by their own hands from generation to generation. Embroidered with patterns, a shirt was worn even on newborns. At the same time, the decor symbolized the wishes of happiness and health to the baby, as well as the name and date of the baby's appearance.
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Embroidery is a plot or ornamental variation of images from threads on the skin or cloth, which are widespread in Ukraine. Earlier, craftswoman embroidered all the patterns by hand, today a lot of specialized machines are fitted for this.
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The base thing of a women's wardrobe is rightly called a wool coat. It will always be relevant because of its elegance and ability to keep heat, while ensuring air exchange. But such outerwear is also known for whimsicality in care.
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Information Photo 14
Fashion for ethnicity appeared many years ago, and simultaneously conquered a huge number of countries. Its manifestations are visible in interior details, in clothing, in behavioral reactions. Every year, wishing to stand out and be unlike the others became more and more today, an odd wardrobe, strange hairstyles and a provocative entourage will not surprise anyone. Ethno style is increasingly being introduced into the lives of modern Ukrainians and occupies niches previously unavailable ...
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Information Photo 15
Demi-season coats of 2018 are an extravaganza of shades and exquisite beauty of silhouettes, a variety of details and laconism of incarnations. Despite the fact that every year leading couturiers and famous fashion houses diligently choose styles and shades that will become hits of future fashion shows, daily routine makes their adjustments to the plans of the "gods" of fashionable Olympus.
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Information Photo 16
Traditionally, embroidery is used to decorate ethnic dresses and its appropriateness in everyday clothes is rather controversial. Beautiful, exclusive things, supplemented by original patterns, plant and geometric motifs, images of animals and people, capture the attention and cause genuine delight.
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In the last few years, the popularity of ethnic clothing has increased dramatically. Traditional Ukrainian vyshyvanka increasingly appears on the podiums, in the reversals of fashion magazines and on representatives of glamorous parties. It is universal and convenient, combined with any items of the wardrobe, looks always stylish and emphasizes the individuality of the owner.
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Information Photo 18
With the onset of warm days, your favorite woolen sweaters and tight jeans become irrelevant, and the wardrobe is refreshed, letting in itself light, elegant, flowing products from summer fabrics.
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