5 disadvantages of linen products

5 disadvantages of linen products Photo 4

Among the many advantages of linen clothing, it is easy to find shortcomings that have a significant impact on the popularity and relevance of products.

Disadvantage # 1.
Linen creases. And traces on the fabric remain even with a slight touch to its surface, not to mention the fact that their appearance can not when sitting or riding in transport. Even freshly ironed and stripped fabric will become crumpled by the slightest bend or contact with objects of the environment.

Disadvantage # 2. It’s very important  to take into account this property of a fabric linen when you choosing a dress, trousers or a shirt and to wash products only in a delicate mode at low temperatures of water, using sparing washing-up liquids.

Disadvantage # 3. Linen is crumbling. Cutting linen material is problematic, because when the first cut appears on the edges of the fabric, a fringe of threads is formed, which is difficult to get rid of. Such edges must be treated very carefully.

Disadvantage # 4. Linen clothes is difficult to iron linen clothes. If the material is dry, the ironing process will take a very long time, and its result will not be ideal. Use a spray gun or iron slightly damp products. So you will achieve a more presentable appearance. Although, after a short period of time, the clothes will be rumpled again (see disadvantage 1).

Disadvantage # 5. Linen is a rough material and it is difficult to create elegant items of the wardrobe. Rather, it is suitable for clothing in rustic style. Although it is often used to create models for everyday wear and elegant evening options. To diversify the linen wardrobe with a variety of styles and variations is unlikely to work.

These shortcomings are only the most significant and noticeable, allocated by most "non-lovers" of linen clothing. In addition to this list, you can confidently say that:

  • linen is poorly combined with a winter wardrobe, being still a summer version of the fabric; 

  • linen clothing after washing should be in a horizontal position in a well-straightened form;

  • you should not wring the clothes of linen;

  • Adherents of an elegant style of clothing are better to choose products from blended fabrics. 

But, despite the abundance of shortcomings, linen is still loved and claimed by many women and men. Nevertheless, the advantages and pluses of this fabric are incomparably greater than minuses.