Oversize clothing. How to wear such clothing correctly

Oversize clothing. How to wear such clothing  correctly Photo 4

Comfort, freedom, ease, challenge - oversize style clothing is in the trend again. Its emergence and rapid spread is not something new. Suffice it to recall the fashion of hippies or repperian outfits in the 90's.

Oversize things are baggy, deliberately large, sometimes - dimensionless variations of everyday clothes that women can wear in a completely different physique. Girls with voluminous shapes make such an outfit visually smoother, the owners with a thin fragile figure - adds charm. How to wear such clothes correctly?


What to wear with oversize clothing

Harmony and balance are the main rule of style oversize. A large-sized t-shirt will look stylishly coupled with elegant shoes, a small handbag. Young fashionistas can afford to pick up a boots. Choose a sports supplement is very attentive.

Sweaters, shirts, overpants will look harmoniously, complete with narrow jeans, really tight leggings, short shorts, pencil skirt. Baggy coat can be of any length and with a different sleeve, but it also requires a combination of other clothes. Short dresses, mini skirts or midi skirts, leggings, 7/8 length pencil pants, tops, sweaters in size - choose your taste.

Do not combine oversize with the same baggy volumetric clothes. Small tops or narrow raglans to wide jeans. A bomber jacket, a military-style jacket, a shorter cardigan will help to create a holistic image. By the way, cardigans are one of the most popular clothing models in oversize variants.

Cardigans of a small length are perfectly combined with jeans or trousers, with a skirt to the knees that fits the hips. Long models of such jackets will appeal to the fans of the mini.

How to choose oversize?

Oversize-style clothing is not a sweater or coat from another's shoulder. Designers are thoroughly considering the "loopholes" of the products. Trousers or jeans will be wide only where they are conceived, while they will fit perfectly even on fragile girls. Sweaters will not just be big. When cutting the manufacturer increases only a few details - shelves, armholes, sleeves. Such clothes look free, voluminous, but at the same time - ideal.

Be attentive to details. Balance should be in everything. If the cardigan or sweater is made of a smooth fabric - the questions disappear by themselves. But with viscous is more difficult. The wide strands and large nodules of mating look good, the smaller ornament breaks harmony. Volumetric collars, wide lapels - distinctive features of outer clothing oversize.

Wear trendy clothes right. Do not overdo with baggy and your image will be perfect, noticeable, sexy, charming and seductive.