Ethnic motives in modern life

Ethnic motives in modern life Photo 4

Mysterious India

An unusual form of outfits, fabulous beauty fabrics, massive bright decorations, wealth and luxury - this is only a small fraction of the attention and look of the elements of the Indian wardrobe. This style is now in the trend and its individual manifestations can be traced in the collections of famous designers. Bags with fringe and ethnic ornament, straight cut tunics, translucent trousers won the love of womеn and took a worthy place in the Ukrainian fashion industry.

Slavic motifs

Slavic clothing has long been practical and convenient. Made of natural materials, it has an excellent appearance and ease, bringing together the owners of the wardrobe "a la Rus" with nature. National Ukrainian traditional clothes, in recent years  the increasingly are gaining popularity. And it's not just embroideries. Accessories in the form of wreaths, beads, bracelets received a new life in the hands of talented designers. Today, the Slavic style is most in demand and is in requisition among representatives of different age groups. In order to join his followers, it is not necessary to purchase an expensive embroidered handmade shirt and red boots. Sometimes, it is enough to throw on your shoulders a embroidered shawl or decorate your neck with bright beads. 

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Ethno in the African style

Natural materials, bright, sometimes, flashy colors, an abundance of national ornaments - all of the above can be called with certainty signs of the African ethnics in clothes. This dress is not to everyone's liking - it's a very specific kind of dresses. But if you are extravagant and ready for experimentation, prefer to stay visible in any society and attract views - this is an amazing style for you.
Start with accessories - large, dimensional beads and earrings, massive bracelets, necklaces of wood, metal, ivory will be the first contribution to creating a trend image. Add to the decorations a light tunic, a dress wraparound, bright scarves and neckerchief. Experimentalize. The hotter, the better!

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In the Indian mode

The fashion for national clothes that has come to Ukraine from America is also diverse. If you look closely at the motifs that flash on the podiums, then it's easy to notice elements of different styles in them. The Indian ethno is characterized by the presence of certain prints and colors. Fabrics - mostly natural, created from natural materials, a lot of leather, suede, linen and cotton. Colors - blue, red, yellow, all shades of beige and brown. The forms are straight, free cut, with an abundance of embroidery, beads, fringe, patterns. Shoes - on a flat sole, practical and comfortable. Perfect choice for the summer. And in the autumn you can easily supplement the image with a bright poncho.

In the footsteps of the cowboys

Cowboy Ethnology is discernible from the smallest details. Traditional boots, wide-brimmed hats, plaid shirts, a lot of leather, jeans, and metal are the main elements in the production of slightly rude, masculine things that are so popular with modern women. Jeans and waistcoats, complemented by a cotton shirt and leather belt - are great for a warm season. And for more feminine natures created embroidered flounces, laces, blouses with frills, skirts and dresses, tightening corsets.

Flower extravaganza

The abundance of colors, bright  colouration, garlands, wreaths, thin shirts, shorts and dresses are all components of the unsurpassed Hawaiian style. This style is recognized and loved by many. Comfortable summer clothes with floral motifs have won worldwide recognition and are in great demand among Ukraine's mods.