For what events do children need embroidered shirt?

For what events do children need embroidered shirt? Photo 4

On what holidays do they wear embroidered shirt?

Many parents buy a baby embroidered shirt without a clear understanding of when and where to put it on. And they are often mistaken, believing that there is nowhere to wear a beautiful new thing. However, the occasions to wear unique clothes from natural linen (linen, cotton or cotton) with embroidery is more than enough.

The patriotic children's ensemble is a universal element of the child's wardrobe. Embroidered shirts are appropriate for festive events, and on weekdays. White, decorated with traditional patterns, shirt or dress always look neat and attractive.

А child can wear an embroidered shirt on popular holidays. Among them:

  • Birthday (own, friend / girlfriend or family member);
  • National celebrations (Independence Day of Ukraine, Flag Day and others);

  • City / Area Day;

  • Weddings in the national style;

  • Religious holidays (Christmas, Easter, Trinity and others);

  • Christenings.

However, the original element of the wardrobe today is not exclusively part of the festive national costume. Therefore, embroidery will be a suitable choice of decoration for the child and on any normal day.

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Embroidered shirt for non-ceremonial events.

Children are dressed in less bright national shirts, dresses and embroidered skirts for family events, a walk through the park, to meetings with friends. Embroidered clothes with geometric and floral ornaments are perfectly combined with ordinary things. It allows you to create unique and practical images.

Elegant shirt with bright authentic embroidery would be appropriate to thematic events. They put them on during the:

  • Patriotic flash mob (for example, a parade of embroideries);
  • A musical concert;

  • A holiday in the school, a nursery or a kindergarten;

  • Photosessions in the Ukrainian style;

  • Class hours and special lessons dedicated to Ukraine, language and national traditions;

  • People's fairs and festivals (for example, Sorochinskaya Fair).  

If the family has twins or twins, then children can be dressed in twin embroidered. They are made in the same style, from the same fabric and decorated with similar ornaments.

Real little patriots wear embroidered clothes every day - in the kindergarten, the school, and master classes. Therefore, the question is rather not "when and where to put on embroideries for children", but "when and where do you want to put embroidery on your child".

The tradition of wearing embroidered shirts and dresses swept through the centuries and returned to the modern world with the revival of the Ukrainian people's self-awareness. Beautiful shirts, dresses and blouses vary in color, cut and technique of embroidery. And today children dressed in beautiful national clothes can be seen not only on a holiday, but also on any ordinary day.

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