How to choose necklaces: the style of ethno

How to choose necklaces: the style of ethno Photo 5

Ethno style: fashion feat. tradition

One of the brightest manifestations of modern fashion in recent years has become jewelry in the ethno style with elements of national ornaments, natural materials, etc. A special charm to the female image is given by brass necklaces and bracelets with images of ancient Scythian and Slavic symbols, Tibetan metal necklaces, African beads made in Ndebele technique, pearl embroidery and natural stones. No woman will remain indifferent to the unusual accessories, skillfully executed, embroidered by the technique of mosaic weaving.
Interest in such creations show both ordinary women, and eminent fashion designers. Having studied various collections of couturiers, we will see elements of ethno style in patterns of fabrics, bracelets, shoe buckles, bags.
Based on the experience of generations, designers offer a variety of options depending on the financial possibilities and personal preferences of consumers.
Attention to ethno-culture only increases year by year. The reason is, that the master puts in the created creature's soul. The ideas are based on religious and cultural traditions reflecting the level of creativity of craftsmen, their worldview and the availability of natural materials.

Creating your own style: what you need to know

Necklaces - the most important accessory of the fashion look. It does not matter that a beauty prefers to wear. All sorts of beads and necklaces for many centuries adorned the necks of beauties of different peoples. They are popular these days.
Skeptics will say that ethno ideas are relevant only in a certain culture and they do not belong in the streets of megacities. But this is not so! You can choose such combinations of clothes and decor, which will make the look memorable and unique. For example, a classic casual dress will become more attractive if you supplement it with Bohemian silver earrings. Original can look like wooden amulets, strawed amulets in combination with jeans and shirts. Linen shirt and cotton trousers, decorate products from ornamental stones, embroideries, leather suspenders.Asymmetric multicolored skirts of wide cut and simple turtlenecks are complemented by amulets made of polymer clay with afro patterns.
The increased interest in design, which is included in the treasury of folk culture, proves the preservation and propagation of the achievements of ethnic groups. So, the Slavic monist is struck by the variety of models. As a rule, they have a length of 35-40 cm, beads are spherical, the colors used are red, green, white. Greek thessaloniki thanks to straight lines, white, blue geometric patterns emphasize the beauty of the body.
Short Egyptian necklaces have a significant originality. The main material is glass, faience. Additional elements are feathers, images of lotuses, scarabs, etc. Prevailing forms are geometric figures. The color range is diverse: from dark to pastel colors.
Indian saris are attracted by their variety of texture. The main background is gold with inclusions of white, dark green, dark purple.
African Crabo is suitable for women who are not afraid to surprise. Long glass creations, in addition to colorfull ornaments, include fangs of animals, feathers, etc. 
The age-old tradition embedded in creative samples carries the spirit of the times.Therefore, often a thing that looks like a pendant becomes an amulet. Choosing a suspension in the form of an Indian elephant, protect yourself from troubles. Decorating yourself with a Tibetan bead Ji, you find salvation from evil spirits. Turning to the figures of the eagle gives inner freedom.

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Novelty of season are wooden necklace

Fashion legislators insist on the correct and reasonable use of bracelets, earrings, rings in the ornamentation of the attire. You can not thinklessly combine the objects of different historical eras and cultures of different countries. The subtlety of taste is emphasized by the appropriateness of using earrings, rings in combination with skirts, blouses.
The authors of fashion collections recommend the active use of necklaces made of wood. Both a business trouser suit and an evening silk dress will acquire a special color if their owner brings an ethno note with the help of small African beads. They are comfortable and practical, they are pleasant to the touch, they do not freeze the neck. Because of the low weight, it does not weigh it. They give their mistress the warmth of the hands that made them.
The tree has special properties, giving the energy of nature, and enhances the mood, revealing positive emotions. It is important from what tree beads are made. Choosing a product from an apple tree, the girl finds emotional sensuality, and from the plum, cherry - bring her good luck. If you want courage and perseverance, you must choose a hornbeam.
It is recommended to make a choice depending on the skin type, color and quality of the tissues. It should be taken into account that ladies with a cold type of appearance can choose gentle light notes.Girls with a warm type, respectively, need screaming intonations.