How to choose slippers for home: a warm gift for the closest people

How to choose slippers for home: a warm gift for the closest people Photo 4

Before choosing home slippers, it is worth taking into consideration a few nuances:

  • If you give a present to superstitious people, ask them for a few coins in return. Thus, it turns out that a practical thing is not presented, but acquired.

  • It is not necessary to present slippers as a gift to a business partner, a colleague for work, a chef. This is mauve ton. But close people, for sure, will be pleased with the present, chosen with the soul.

  • It is necessary that the purchase is comfortable, so you should clarify the size of the person who is going to make a surprise. Narrow or, conversely, too wide - can nullify all efforts and permanently "settle down" in the far corner of the shoe.

  • Pay attention to the packaging. Original and bright, it is able to impress the finicky mods, and the warm words with which you accompany the presentation of the gift will remain with the dear person forever.

  • The quality of the product is paramount. Do you remember the saying: "we are not so rich as to buy cheap things"? In this case, it works by one hundred percent. In addition, no one will like wearing a thing that will quickly lose shape and presentable appearance. 

  • An excellent opportunity to present this accessory to people who moving to a new place of residence, celebrating the birthday of a family member. In a new house, slippers  will always be appropriate.

  • To please a souvenir, you should know the favorite colors of the household. As a rule, ladies prefer bright cheerful colors, while gentlemen are more impressed by quiet shades. However, there are individual characteristics. Keep it in mind and you will not lose.

  • If you choose a gift for the newlyweds, or spouses, it is better to buy two pairs in one style in the store as a symbol of harmony and comfort in the relationship.

In each country their customs how to give gifts of an indispensable accessory. So, in Tunisia they are accepted to give at the wedding to the groom and the bride, but in European countries this is the best present for Christmas or New Year's holidays.

Home fashion: warm fur or oriental chic

Who said that it's impossible to look stylish in slippers? Designers offer a wide variety of shoes: сozy soft uggs, miniature shoes with a transparent heel and fur trim, exclusive models in ethno style. What kind of slippers will be relevant in the new season?

  • simple and convenient samples are chosen due to comfort and high wear resistance. Traditionally, they are sewn from high-quality natural materials and decorated with prints or strict embroidery.

  • sneakers-beasts adore kids and teenagers. Despite their attractive appearance and comfort, they are not very practical. They are labor intensive in care and wear out quickly.

  • beauty and convenience are the distinguishing features of fur samples. High heel shoes were fond of women, who are accustomed to looks good, with drawings in the form of animals - extravagant originals. The only negative - low wear resistance, fur quickly loses its appearance.

  • soft uggs with a firm sole are an excellent solution for winter colds. They are comfortable to wear, fit well on the leg and can be an excellent alternative to wool socks.

  • knitted samples are similar to uggs, but they are inferior to the latter in terms of reliability and attractiveness

home slippers etnodim

While trying on the slippers, see that they do not sting, do not rub, they sit well on the leg and were in size. It is better to buy a few pairs - and hygienic, and practical. 

Rules for choosing home shoes

For the first time, slippers began to be worn by the Scandinavians - in a country with a cold, harsh climate it was necessary to keep your feet warm. It was believed that removable shoes prevent the entry of dust and dirt into the room. Modern samples are made both in the factory and manually. All shoes can be divided into winter and summer. However, there are copies for the reception of guests, saunas, everyday. Whichever slippers you choose, it is important that they are durable, comfortable, aesthetically attractive and at an adequate cost. For the purchase to be successful, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Cloth. For the production of summer slaps, usually choose a variety of lightweight "breathable" hypoallergenic materials, such as cotton, linen, denim. Slippers from tapestry, velvet, corduroy or velor will also serve a long time. The best option - a model-slap with an open nose. They are well ventilated and prevent the reproduction of microorganisms. Fur "closed" models are ideal for winter variants. Preferably, they have a dense sole and a fleece lining.

  2. Hygroscopic properties are important for good regulation of the sweating process. Shoes must allow moisture to escape and prevent odor.

  3. Characteristics of quality. When choosing, pay attention to the seams, insole and sole. The latter should not be cumbersome. It is better to abandon variants with cotton or leather insole, and prefer orthopedic, preventing the development of foot diseases.

  4. Floor covering. It turns out that the type of floor is crucial when choosing. It is necessary to choose an anti-slip, corrugated sole, if the rooms are covered with a laminate, linoleum or other slippery coating.

  5. The color scheme is a matter of taste and personal desires. It is worth remembering that instances of dark tones are more practical and convenient to care for. Light models are considered "feminine", they require careful treatment and accurate wearing. If they are decorated with rhinestones, prints, pasted patterns, it is not recommended to wash them.

  6. Flip-flops for sauna and bath - a separate category of goods. Usually it is made of polyurethane foam or rubber. Wear should be periodically, in special places.