In which cases is the linen bathrobe better than the terry?

In which cases is the linen bathrobe better than the terry? Photo 5

The popularity of linen fabric is growing every year. Light, completely natural, hypoallergenic and breathable, it performs several important functions at once:

  • Guarantees free air exchange between clothing and body;

  • Pleasantly "cooling" in sultry weather;

  • Quickly absorbs moisture;

  • Has an attractive appearance;

  • Has antiseptic, healing properties.

Clothes made from flax are a popular trend of recent seasons. And linen robes - not the exception. But terry products are still in demand by buyers. So what kind of bathrobe is better to buy - linen or terry? To answer this question, you need to carefully study the characteristics of one and the other kind of material.

Linen robes - the best choice for the summer

A huge number of advantages inherent in flax, provides convenience and practicality. But there is a flaw in linen fabric and a disadvantage - it crumples very quickly. Even the slightest bend on the freshly ironed fabric leaves a visible mark. Sitting, lying, moving in such a robe means leaving a lot of prints on its surface.

But, nevertheless, flax is the optimal choice for the hot season of the year:

  1. Flax "breathes", quickly absorbs moisture, and therefore, in such a robe will be comfortable after a bath or shower. In addition, in the summer heat, a pleasant chill that creates a natural material, refreshes and does not cause increased sweating. In terry products, it is hardly possible to experience pleasant sensations in hot weather.

  2. Linen fibers have good antiseptic qualities. They contribute to a decrease in the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms, leveling their influence on the human body. This tissue will not cause redness, irritation of the skin, itching. This is the best choice for people suffering from respiratory diseases, for children, pregnant women.

  3. Flax quickly neutralizes unpleasant odors, including the smell of sweat. In clothes made of linen, you will not unpleasantly smell even at high ambient temperatures.

  4. Linen robe is durable and will last for many years, without losing quality. Once you buy such a thing, you are guaranteed to purchase home clothes with a long operational period.

But in the winter, flax will not be such a good choice. Nevertheless, it is intended for tailoring products for the summer and the warm off-season.

Terry bathrobe - a cozy choice for winter

In winter cold, soft, warm and pleasant skin of terry will help warm the body. Fluffy products do not have as many advantages as smooth and slightly rough flax, but in the winter they have no equal.

Terry products do not crumple as much as flaxen, quickly dry after washing, but can not provide the protective effect that summer robes of natural fibers. They do not have antiseptic properties, they pass air in worse, they lose their presentable appearance faster. But their undoubted advantage is warmth.

When choosing a robe for the house, consider the seasonality of the clothes. In the summer, the linen product will not be equal, but in winter a better option than a terry is not found.