Linen clothes: pros and cons

 Linen clothes: pros and cons

With the onset of warm days, your favorite woolen sweaters and tight jeans become irrelevant, and the wardrobe is refreshed, letting in itself light, elegant, flowing products from summer fabrics. Recently, fashion has made a sharp turn and returned to the arsenal of designers natural materials that provide the body with the opportunity to gain unhindered access to air. A somewhat coarse and ethnic flax takes one of the leading positions among them. From it they sew blouses, skirts, sarafans, trousers. It is used to create home textiles. Flax is specific both in its kind and in its characteristics. How good is the clothing made of flax and is it worth the rather high price that it is asked for?

Absolute freedom

Like any other natural material, flax breathes. Moreover, breathing "deeply". It provides unlimited air access to the body. In such clothes you will never be hot - linen shirts are pleasantly cold, creating around the body of the owner a certain layer of cool air. Even to the touch, this fabric remains cold in bright sunlight. What could be better in the scorching heat?

A reliable barrier

Flax is hygroscopic. It removes moisture at high speed, the release of which is inevitable in hot weather, from the body. But the tissue itself does not remain wet for a long time. Linen things dry very quickly, evaporating the liquid from the fibers. Clothing made from linen, serves as a reliable barrier to the formation of a greenhouse effect under it. It is like a conductor, quickly and qualitatively suppress any attempts to sweat remain on the skin of a person.

Natural strength

The fiber of flax, from which fabric is created for sewing clothes, has a sufficiently high degree of strength. And the material made of them, not inferior in its wear resistance to natural raw materials. Not in vain, linen fabrics were used to make clothes from ancient times. Even for the lack of modern devices that help to care for tissues, carefully wash them and delicately steam, the ancestors managed to keep presentable look of shirts and pants for many years. Today, having the opportunity to use the delicate washing regime and irons with many specialized functions, consumers can save linen outfits for a long time.

Linen clothes: pros and cons

Healing properties

In addition to the fact that it is comfortable in linen clothes, it is worth remembering that this is one of the most useful fabrics created by man from natural materials. The flax has unique bactericidal properties, stops the development of bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor of sweat on the skin, minimizes the risk of skin diseases caused by increased sweating.

Reflects light

The natural shade of linen fabrics is gray. Of course, in most cases, manufacturers use dyes and lightening, bleaching the products to soft beige tones, giving them a bright or pastel shade. But, as a rule, linen products are created in a light color range, so they serve as an excellent "mirror" for the sun's rays, removing them from the body.

Not without flaws

Despite all the advantages and dignity of linen fabrics, they are inherent and disadvantages. Flax crumples, and very much. Even a slight touch of clothing causes wrinkles and folds. The thing just stripped off to perfection in the process of putting on can acquire a completely unpresentable appearance. But, thanks to the emergence of new technologies for processing linen fibers, manufacturers are able to significantly reduce the effect of crushing.

In addition, flax is prone to large "shrinkage". If the washing and ironing conditions are not observed, the clothes can easily be reduced by several sizes. Avoiding undesired results will allow careful consideration of things and a clear implementation of all care recommendations, indicated by the manufacturer. 

Linen outfits are universal - they can be combined with jeans, leather, silk, chiffon, synthetic fabrics. And if you do not mind the inherent flaws, boldly dress in elegant dresses or shirts, going for a walk, to the office or to a cafe.

Linen clothes: pros and cons

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