Linen embroidered shirt: your child will always unsurpassed

Linen embroidered shirt: your child will always unsurpassed Photo 4

Linen breathes, absorbs moisture well, pleasantly cold in the heat. One drawback - linen clothes crumples. However, it can be forgiven, because bruises on such things look natural and do not spoil the appearance of linen shirts.

Linen - originally Ukrainian material, has long been used for the production of national clothes. And linen embroidery has always been and remains a welcome, beautiful, useful acquisition. In such clothes your child will look at 100%.

Why should buy linen embroidered shirt?

Linen clothes are expensive. Such textiles are sold at a price much higher than the usual cost of products made of cotton or synthetics. But this is not an excuse to avoid buying beautiful clothes. The are reasons to give preference to products made from linen:

  • naturalness - a fabric made of natural fibers has the most useful properties;

  • benefits - the curative properties of linen can help get rid of skin problems;

  • hygroscopicity - the ability of flax to absorb moisture well ensures comfort in the heat;

  • aesthetics - weaving fibers of linen fabric is incompatible with other textures - linen is always beautiful!

Shirts, blouses, dresses from linen, decorated with hand embroidery looks original. Each stitch of red, black, blue threads, which are traditionally used in the manufacture of embroidery, give clothes a magical protective force. Embroidered products made of natural fabric - a real amulet for children.

Which embroidery to choose the best?

The desire to give children the best is inherent in all parents. A child dressed "a brand" - the pride of mom and dad. When choosing embroidery, you should give preference to products made from natural fabrics with beautiful embroidery. Yes, such clothes will cost more than the simpler variants. But this variant will be ideal. Better one is a good model than 10 is not better quality.

When choosing embroidered shirt, one should understand when and where the child will wear these clothes. Linen shirts are also useful for attending school classes, and for going to a solemn event. The girls manufacturer offers luxurious embroidered linen dresses, beautiful blouses with short or long sleeves. Boys will like shirts that can be worn with jeans or other modern clothing.

If the embroidery is designed for daily wear, give preference to products with neat little patterns. To participate in the holidays, models with tassels, large embroidery, unusual cuts are suitable. Each of the parents knows what fashion preferences his child has, and will be able to choose the ideal version from linen, in which the young owner will always look great.