Men's T-shirts: fashionable or sporting?

Men's T-shirts: fashionable or  sporting? Photo 5

How it all began

Initially, knitwear with short sleeves, seams and comfortable armholes were intended solely for the equipping of athletes - both professionals and amateurs … And only after several decades they were allowed to appear outside the gyms and stadiums. This was due to the emergence of progressive youth subcultures, which made this element of clothing an excellent place for complaints and self-expression. Suffice it to recall the bright prints for fans of sports clubs, music groups or gurus street racing.
T-shirt was the subject of an adult wardrobe, handsome figure of a man, who was left in the soul of a rebel and a child.

The illusion of choice

Despite the rather rich choice offered by the modern light industry, one must be able to distinguish a quality thing from a lumpy rag. How not to be mistaken?

  • First - the usual retail stores and boutiques. But the choice of options in them is rather meager. This is explained by the fact that almost all vendors are purchased from the same suppliers. Yes Yes! And those who stand in tents in the markets - too! The quality of such products is frankly low, and the name of the manufacturer is kept in the strictest secrecy, since information about it is not available to the sellers themselves.
  • You can look for something better in specialized mono-brand stores that actively sell jeans, youth or sportswear. But you should not to count on the diversity, because T-shirts are not the basis of the assortment here. But you can not worry about the quality of the fabric and seams.

  • And, finally, the Internet. Here you can find any model, and order an exclusive version with your own picture or portrait with delivery and discount. That's only the thing itself will be bought at the same wholesale bases, and a bright drawing may not survive the first wash.

Order men's shirts are in specialized, well-proven online stores, relying on real customer reviews and detailed photos. In their assortment there are stylish and high-quality things for any age and complexion, from dense natural cotton, different colors, designed not only for sports, home or leisure, but for work.

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Color is important

Contrary to the stereotype that real men wear only one-color clothes of muffled shades, we hasten to remind you, the Pantone Color Institute chose a provocative ultraviolet shade in 2018. Therefore, strict black and unpretentious gray models can be safely postponed! The color of 2018 is equally good for men and women, both blondes and brunettes. Add new colors to the wardrobe.

How to choose the right one?

Of course, everyone has their own perception of beauty and style, there is practically no such opinion. But ... quality remains quality, no matter what scenes and shades were not in vogue. How to make the right choice:

  • The cloth. Only tight knitting, without lumens. Its elasticity should return the shape of the product after the first five intense fabric tension.

  • Label. Good T-shirt is cotton! It is cotton possesses high hygroscopicity, perfectly regulates heat exchange and is resistant to numerous washes. In addition, he is unpretentious to detergents and water temperature when washing and rinsing.

  • Stitches. Due to close contact with the skin, the seams should be flat, treated with a three-thread overlock and resilient. Only then the product will last a long time and retain its original appearance.

  • Threads and tailoring. The thread should be cotton, but modern manufacturers are increasingly using spandex to reduce the load on the seams and prevent their premature wear.

  • Colour. Choose any. The main thing is that the paint is safe and resistant, does not moult when washing, does not discoloration on the sun and was resistant to aggressive slightly salty environments. Otherwise, your purchase will become faded spots after a couple of days of intense wear.

  • Style. The classical version - straight cut with a fairly wide armhole and a free throat, but in fashion today, more fitted silhouettes, deep armholes and variable design of the necks. Experimenting is not forbidden!

  • The size. If you choose a model on the Internet, do not be lazy. Look for a 100% suitable item in your wardrobe and determine the correct size by looking at the label.

With pictures or without?

For everyday walks and gatherings with friends, you can not limit yourself - funny pictures and inscriptions will only add to the surrounding mood.
For work, it's best to choose one-color variants that can be worn with a jacket.But no ties, even if you have a fashionable polo shirt with a turndown collar! Such a mauve can not withstand any corporate dress code.
For sports, should considering models with motivational inscriptions and pictures. After all, to remind ourselves that sport is the source of success and the will to win, it will not be superfluous.