Proper care of linen items

Proper care of linen items Photo 5


Clothing from too thin linen is not washable - only dry cleaning is possible for it. In other cases, permissible temperature regimes are provided depending on the type of tissue:

  • White linen items - up to 95 ° С;

  • Semilinen tissue - to 90 ° C;

  • Variegated flax - up to 60 ° С;

  • Smoothly dyed material - up to 40 ° С.

Be sure to determine the type of cloth, because the correct temperature guarantees the safety of the shape and color.

Rinse things after washing to wash the remnants of the powder and rinse aid - because of them an oxidizing effect may occur. Colorful products are recommended to rinse in cold water with vinegar.

To prevent the formation of creases on the products, use a protective bag when washing and refuse to spin. Dry things on the street, neatly hung on a hanger, or in a drying machine, treating cold air streams.


Flax is known that highly wrinkled, because of which many are trying to iron it well at high temperature. In fact, so you can burn the cloth.

To avoid difficult wrinkles, follow the following rules:

  1. Ironing linen clothes when wet, immediately after removing them from the machine.

  2. After ironing carefully hang things on hangers or spread out on a flat surface to dry out - after ironing, they should retain moisture.

  3. Use a spray bottle to wet the creases.

  4. If the wrinkled clothes are already dry, put it in the refrigerator in a plastic bag. The effect of low temperature for 6-24 hours will make the flax pliable.

Do not forget that on linen clothes of dark colors shine may appear due to incorrect ironing. So before the procedure, turn the thing inside out. It is also advisable to proceed with products that have decorative elements.


The ideal option - to hang things in the closet, using individual "hangers". In this position they will maintain a neat appearance.

If there is no possibility to store clothes in an upright position, then at least do not put other things on top - because of their weight, flax will crumble.

Removing stains

If you plant a stain, you need to choose the method of excretion, based on the nature of the contamination.

Traces of fruits, berries and wine can be removed with warm water, if you wash the thing immediately after their appearance. Weekly stains can be affected after a two-hour soak in hot milk. To remove older pollutants, it is necessary to use hydrogen peroxide.

Grease stain can be neutralized with dilute ammonia (1 tsp for 1 tbsp water). After handling the contaminated area, rinse it in warm water. The same prescription helps to remove blood.

Stains from perspiration can also be eliminated. To do this, you need to prepare wine alcohol and citric acid in a ratio of 10: 1. In this solution, soak for a few minutes a problem zone on clothes, after which it is carefully rinsed with warm water.

And most importantly - never use stain removers and chlorine bleaching agents - they thin the fibers. Carefully study the composition of the means used to save the life of clothing.