Why in the summer should give preference to linen products?

Why in the summer should give preference to linen products? Photo 4

Linen is a comfort

Why linen clothing is considered the best choice for wearing in the summer heat? The secret is hidden in the properties of natural fibers:

  • Linen fabric is hypoallergenic;

  • Such products quickly absorb and remove moisture;

  • Linen has antibacterial and antiseptic properties;

  • The healing power of linen clothing is proven;

  • The presentability of products from this material is quite high;

  • Linen provides an unobstructed penetration of air under the fabric.

Of the above characteristics, it is easy to conclude - in a dress or a linen shirt in summer, it is comfortable, comfortable, not hot. You will not feel the smell of sweat, get rid of unpleasant sensations, will not suffer from itching or stiffness. Hygroscopic, breathable material - exactly what will be optimal for wearing in the heat.

But there are linen products and minus - they crumple and, with all the beauty and naturalness, look somewhat rough. Even freshly ironed clothes will disappear at the slightest touch. If for you this moment is not a big problem - safely buy beautiful and useful details of the wardrobe.

Linen is sophistication

Authentic products from rough homespun material was difficult to call beautiful. Today, clothing made of linen attracts the eye and causes genuine interest.Designers use diverse approaches in the development of models and the result of their work is surprising. Dresses and sarafans in traditional and modern styles, strict summer shirts for women and men, children's kits - you can choose practical clothes for each member of the family. And the color scheme has become much broader. Painted linen products are very popular, although clothes in natural, gray, whitened shades are not inferior in relevance. Looking at the slightly crumpled gray-beige products, you can confidently say - they look expensive!

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Summer is the brightness and flamboyance of clothes. Linen dresses and blouses are often decorated with embroidery, prints, ornaments. Such embroideries are fashionable! Combine them with your favorite jeans or skirts, complement the sarafan with a light shawl or jacket. The compatibility of linen  with other materials is high.

Linen - is cool in any weather

The amazing property of linen products is to "cool" the skin even in the "hot" weather. When the asphalt melts around and a mild haze rises in the air from the heat, you will not experience discomfort in linen clothes. Pleasant coolness and free access of chilled air to the body is really a worthy property of a natural fabric, for the sake of which clothes can be forgiven and wrinkles, and gray.

Linen - it is always in style

To be in a trend is easy, wearing a dress or a shirt made of linen. Today there are a lot of variations in the performance of such clothes. Among the proposals of talented designers, it's easy to pick out kits for visiting the office, for walking and rest, for sports and strict cuts.Elegant evening dresses, everyday models, short and long versions - the choice is striking in variety. If you are confused by the tendency of linen to crease - choose products from mixed fibers (flax with the addition of cottons). They are cheaper, but they look as elegant as the clothes from 100% linen.