Women's skirts 2018: everything is much more interesting

Women's skirts 2018: everything is much more interesting Photo 4

А new look at fashion

The novelty of the season 2018 is the "new look" skirts. Thick fabric, straight cut, flared or narrowed hem, overstated waistline - play as much as you like. Such a thing is always elegant, feminine and at the same time practical, since it is good for any occasion.

Avant-garde pleating

She's back! Popular in the late 80's and early 90's, pleating again comes to the forefront. Slightly modified, it retained its length in the floor. Another difference - if in the past the folds from the waist were given to the volume of the thighs, now they are stitched from the waistline to the hip, making the figure slimmer.
Summer variants are not very much represented on the podium, but here's a variety of models for the winter and cold spring staggering variety.
Monochrome, multicolored, lush and fashionable - pleated skirts are combined with knitted poloneck, stylish combydress, knitted pullovers and sweatshirts with a deep cut. The main condition for a demi-season image is that the top should be with long sleeves.
An example can be a corrugated, monochromatic half-sun, it is necessary to "dilute" with accessories, flashy decorations or a bright colored top.

A-silhouette: trapeze again in trend

Novelty of 2018 - a skirt-trapezium made of leather or velor. A-silhouettes in clothes do not lose relevance due to their brevity and universality. Strict cut and monotony diversifies the decor in the form of applique, print, embroidered patterns. And the texture feature of velor or taffeta gives them saturation and chic.
A-shaped silhouette is easily combined with everyday jumpers, half-sport sweaters, frivolous tops and strict blouses.

The emphasis on the length and asymmetry

And again in the fashion of splendor, capable of carefully and accurately emphasize the female form. Monochrome coloring and asymmetry will help maximize the effect. Also, again returned to the podiums, gone to the shadows a couple of years ago, wraparound skirts.

"Barrels" and "pencil": a classic never gets old

To the category of ageless classics can be attributed "pencil" and "kegs" of medium and maximum length. The designers only introduced the addition in the form of pockets and made them slightly free. Replenish the female wardrobe model for both summer and options of a denser, warmer fabric for the fall.

Flirtatious Basque

Another rise in popularity - skirts with basque. Bold and coquettish, gentle, feminine and stylish - alas, not available to everyone. In this case, the location of the Basque can vary - bottom, top, creating the illusion of half-opened bud.

Special autumn mini skirts

Unforgettable mini-skirts are generally something special. Do you have beautiful legs? Knock yourselves out! In combination with daring black leather jackets, free cut pullovers you can create an image of reckless, romantic and mischievous beauty. A vivid example of such an image may be oblique folds in front and a bar at the bottom, creating an exquisite shape of a tulip.

Leather non-format

Do not like to be like everyone else - choose things from natural dyed skin. The original cut and daring colors are the main trend of this season. The versatility and practicality of such skirts dilutes the courage of style: they are ideal for work and for a night club.

Office plankton is turning ...

Who said that office clothes should be boring? Restrained monochrome color shades, tight fitting, one-piece belt will make any woman attractive and sexy. Slots and original accessories look no longer so dull and prosaic. Add to the ensemble a white laconic blouse-a sleeveless shirt with a round neck or a romantic shirt in a little cheerful peas or a thin stripe and go!

Women's skirts etnodim

Transparent impertinence

The designers blazed with an unexpected love for transparency, multilayeredness and deep cuts. In the photo of glossy magazines you can find quite bold things, where a soft fine mesh is used for the top layer, and "dangerous" places are covered with decorative elements in the form of laces, appliqués, batik and embroidery. The long cut "moved" forward, and does not look vulgar - the audacity of this move is softened by folds and flounces.

The inexhaustible fantasies in the decor

Classic black and dairy, bold orange and aggressive khaki are more common in winter and autumn collections. For summer, mustard and marsala are more suitable, as well as all shades of blue. At the same time, there are no strict instructions for monotony.
On the web, you can find many photos with different decor options. In the new year, more attention is paid not to texture or shades, but to accessories, ornaments, draperies, ruffles and flounces. At the same time, everything is in moderation and looks very stylish and laconic.
Podols are decorated with colorful leaves, similar in texture to the present, and other plant elements. Flowers in the trend only the field - cornflowers, lilies of the valley, chamomile and others. All are also popular peas, and in any sizes.
Passion for the cage did not pass. Large, small, tartan, "goose paw" and "berberry" - they fit any shape and any type. In combination with a classic tight-fitting dark jacket or a turtleneck in tone, you can make a feminine image spectacular and unusual.
Do not go out of fashion prints, as well as vegetative drawings "a la jungle", large and small flowers - an eternal motif that does not lose relevance.

Fabric, texture, weaving ...

The greatest preference this year is given to dense materials: knitwear, suede, velvet and corduroy. Couturiers with reckless courage combine them with light chiffon, guipure and satin, etc. And this game on contrasts justifies itself.
Special attention is paid to the leather - fans of informal styles are slightly disappointed, since the presence of metal fittings is categorically rejected.
Jeans, despite the density and practicality, is recognized in this season for the most part summer material, although there are on the podium demi-season ensembles and winter ones. The knitwear, tulle, velvet and silk are not inferior to their positions.
The novelty of the Year of the Yellow Dog is short and long skirts made of natural fur! Chic, rich and fantastic!
Slowly, lurex and other shiny materials are returned, which were forgotten at the beginning of the zero ones. Glamorous, sparkling skirts are additionally decorated with paillettes and rhinestones.

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