Wool coat

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How to wear it correctly?

If you like accessories in the form of snacks and scarves, abandon woolen models. Too "fluffy" products will be left on the coat of wool villi, which regularly have to be removed with a brush.
You need to carry a bag carefully - because of constant friction, the pellets can form at the places of contact.
If the street is heavy rain or snow, it is better to take an umbrella with you - a woolen coat should not be exposed to moisture for long. Entering the room, immediately hang out the outer clothing so that the wool is not spoiled.

Care instructions

To remove contaminants, a soft brush is usually used. These manipulations are worth producing at least once a week.
But if there is an urgent need for washing, do it by hand. In this case, you can use only those resources that are designed for wool products.
Twice a year, take out your outerwear for dry cleaning. If necessary, this is allowed to be done more often. The main thing is to process the coat before removing it to the closet until the next season. It is also recommended to take the product to the cleaning, if during storage it acquired an unpleasant musty smell.
The best way to get rid of halls on clothes is to walk on them with a hand steamer, having previously hung the coat on the "hangers". If this is not possible, and you decide to use the iron, iron the thing through linen cloth.

wool coat

Features of storage

Since woolen products are susceptible to moth attacks, it is necessary to use natural repellents that scare them away. In no way is naphthalene - its corrosive unpleasant smell is difficult to remove even in dry cleaners.
Buy a case from a dense fabric to protect your clothes as much as possible. Also, the coat should have "individual" hangers - you do not need to hang it over other things. Choose wide wooden or plastic hangers so that they can withstand the weight of the coat.
Try to keep the coat from being clamped in the wardrobe by other things. Ideally, there should be at least a small space between them.

How to deduce stains?

If it is a stain from water, gently pat it with a paper towel. Only do not rub - because of this water penetrate into the fur even deeper.
To remove a greasy stain, starch or talcum is required. Apply the product to the contaminated area and cover with a white cloth. From above it is better to put the load and leave it so for the night. In the morning, clean the place where there was a stain with a soft brush.
When you spill coffee, wine, or ink on your coat, it's best to immediately contact a dry cleaner. Independent attempts to eliminate the contamination may not be successful - the spot gets stronger or the area will lose its color from the effects of smeans for removing stains.
Therefore, keep dry-cleaner’s phone - the sooner you apply, the more chances for a thing not to lose a new appearance.