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Children's embroidery from ETNODIM

Every time we create a new children's collection of embroideries, we aim to show that ethnicity should not be perceived by children as something boring and obligatory, like a school uniform. Embroidered shirts and dresses for little ones are a choice the child makes. In favor of beauty, features and convenience.

What do you think when you hear about childhood? 

The boys remember walking down the street, hiding behind garages, playing football with friends from the yard.
As they were not afraid of the cold in winter, they protested against hats, did not like semolina
As they played various games, they bought chewing gum for pocket money, as they fell in love with girls (although they never confessed to it).
They mention that no matter what, what they were wearing, what shoes they had on their feet, or whether a trendy shirt was trending. The main thing was comfort (although even then it was not used).

The girls remember how on the first of September they wanted to be the most beautiful in school. About a bouquet bought by a mother who was above the girl herself.
About the first dances. And about the first dance.
About the KVC in the assembly hall and the attempts to pick up your own outfit. About homework: done, forgotten, and written off.
The girls reminisce about dreaming about their first date, about the moment when a guy would finally take her hand! About red cheek shame. And that mom would buy that dress.

Returning to these memories with you, the ETNODIM team creates embroideries every time, giving them not only Ukrainian color but also such important convenience.

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