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The value of Ukrainian embroidered shirt for boys

✓ Sometimes it can be found plant motifs in the ornament, for example, oak leaves and hops. But most often the geometric patterns are used in Ukrainian shirts for boys.
✓ This ancient technique more closely linked with the mythology of ancient Slavs.
✓Snake is the main image, that indicates the elements of water, flowers and octagonal are identified with the sun. These patterns were considered as symbols of good and parent`s care.
✓Rhombus is another popular character of national Ukrainian embroidery. Its main task was to endow the owner of the shirts with the male power.

When each boy put on the embroidered shirt , he will feel like a real Kozak and defender. He will feel convenient and comfortable in it . But most importantly, the child will feel the connection with the past. And, as we know, the future is impossible without the past. The embroidered shirts for boys, from natural organic materials - linen and poplin, are presented in the online store Etnodim. Furthermore, these fabrics are pleasing to the body.

✓ It is comfortable and easy to choose the Ukrainian handmade products on our site.
✓ They can be bought cheaply in Kiev or delivered all over the world.
✓ We also offer shirts for under the individual order.

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