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Children's embroidered shirts

Children's embroidered shirts can be often seen on small patriots. Parents wear them in such shirts as national clothes imparts patriotic spirit to a kid, loyalty to folk traditions. Finally, this is attractive and fashionable. But several centuries ago children's handicraft embroidered shirts were not only an impressive element of clothes but a powerful talisman. It was considered that embroidered shirt could protect a kid from illnesses and 'bed eye'. No wonder that when it was said that 'baby was born in a shirt', it meant that the baby would have a happy destiny.

How to choose?

Before you buy an upgrade, we advise you to determine exactly what model will appeal to the child, where and with what it is intended to dress her. Traditional classic blouse, lush sleeveless shirt, "like a mom" is always on trend. The embroidery made of natural materials is very comfortable and comfortable to wear. Buy a classic embroidery for a girl - and you will have no problem what to put your child on the way out. A nice bonus of embroidered clothing is its ability to blend with almost all elements of a children's wardrobe: skirts, pants, jeans, bringing in a festive accent.


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