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Choice of men's clothing in ukrainian ethnic style

This section brings to your attention men's clothing from the Ukrainian manufacturer: shirts, sweatshirts and t-shirts made of natural fabrics, decorated with traditional embroidery or stylish prints. Our men's ethno-clothing is made of natural materials, combines modern style and connects us to the roots.  

Manufacturers of traditional Ukrainian-style menswear creatively rethink ethnic ornaments and silhouettes. In some models, Ukrainian national embroidery is simplified to become a decorative ornament; in others, the style changes, approaching the silhouettes that are relevant this season.

Men's Ethno-Clothing: Blowing the Past

Ukrainian menswear organically fits into a modern wardrobe, combined with jeans, fashion shoes and office dress code. At the same time, it allows you to feel the connection with the traditions and culture of your country, to feel the spirit of those times when the traditional Ukrainian embroidery, created by the caring hands of a close woman, protected the man in his labors and exploits.

Popularity of men's clothing in ukrainian style

Fashion trends do not appear out of place, they reflect their era and social sentiment. Maidan attracted the attention of Ukraine from all over the world - and Ukrainian ethno-motifs in clothes immediately became fashionable: both in the collections of European and American fashion designers, and, of course, in their homeland. Western historians and sociologists explore Ukrainian culture, history and mentality, high-fashion homes are brought to the catwalk of models in embroideries, and patriotic fashionistas ask Made in Ukraine clothing boutiques and appreciate traditional handmade embroidered things. And Ukrainian manufacturers are embracing the challenge of time, creating things in which fashion trends are harmoniously combined with national color.

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