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Men's embroidered shirts


Nowadays men's embroidered shirts is a must have for every conscious ukrainian, beginning from a president to a rock-star, from a student to a businessman. Moreover, it's not obligatory a piece of cloth worn for a special event. An embroidered shirt was firstly combined with casual clothes way back by Ivan Franko. Exactly like this,  in shirt and jacket he is  portrayed on 20-hryvnia note.  Besides, you may remember a lot of buzz generated by a news presenter of 5th Channel Andriy Shevchenko, who was the first to appear live on TV  wearing embroidered shirt.

Men's embroidered shirt doesn't only create fancy and unique style but also is a  representation of free spirit, will and patriotism. This ethnic piece of clothes is popular far beyond the borders of Ukraine. Men's embroidered shirts can be noticed on  Americans, Australians and even Africans. Moreover, national patterns and ornaments are widespread further than a Ukrainian shirt. Currently, fashionable accessories are decorated with them, e.g., cars, planes. So if not a decorated cars fleet, at least men's embroidered shirts must be in your wardrobe.

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