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Universal wardrobe item: men's sweatshirt

Every modern man, regardless of age and lifestyle, should replenish his wardrobe with a special sports jacket. These are men's lounges - spacious and comfortable sweaters that can be worn for a walk and at home. The first to be appreciated and loved by the players - for their free style and ability to quickly absorb and remove moisture.

Modern models of blouses, which will be appropriate for training, work, leisure, are somewhat different from the classic sports version. The cut of the latter was baggy, the sleeves were only raglan, and two-layer inserts for sweat absorption were provided on the chest and upper back. Everyday men's boots have a more elegant silhouette, reinforced inserts are missing or act as a decorative element, sleeves are raglan or regular. But there are several signs that indicate that you are in front of a light, not a sweatshirt or skinny:

  • round neckline, no collar, pockets, hood, any clasps (zippers, buttons);
  • rubber or grooved border on neck, belt and sleeve cuffs.

Let's create a fashionable look: men's boots

If you ask the athlete what color the training jacket should be, he will say "gray". This is really a classic glow color, with manufacturers producing sweaters in different shades of gray - from very light to graphite. To diversify your wardrobe, add a black or navy blue to your gray model. Also in fashion are monochrome patterns and sweaters, adorned with different images. Swatches with Ukrainian symbols and prints on ethnic subjects are suitable for both teenagers and adults. Swatches - universal clothing. Almost everything in your closet (except business suits) will look harmonious with this practical and unpretentious sweater (especially T-shirts, jeans, sneakers).


Cotton and silk screen printing are good at washing. The main thing is to observe the temperature regime (optimally - 40 0C) and to provide a delicate spin (you can squeeze clothes with your hands). Protect the product from direct sunlight during drying. Iron on the inside (use the steam function).

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