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Bright element of the image - designer embroidered dresses

Ethno-style dresses and shirts are worn for work, parties, meetings with friends, romantic walks with loved ones. Dress with embroidery from ETNODIM designers is distinguished from the crowd, making it especially attractive and self-confident. This outfit looks spectacular with mules, classic boots, sandals. To create a memorable image, stylists recommend buying an embroidered dress. Today, ethnic clothing is no longer the so-called “curiosity”; it organically fits into the wardrobe of a modern woman, giving it a special charm. 

In addition, embroidery becomes an integral element not only of national events, weddings and graduations: embroidery elements are included in their collections by world designers, expanding the scale of knowledge about Ukrainian achievements. More and more people wear ethnic clothing in everyday life. An embroidered dress can be either an accent of your image, or simply organically fit into it, providing your casual look with a new life. Have several options in the closet, choosing depending on the mood, events and other elements of today's image. Talk to your embroidered “you”, including it in your life for no reason or reason. 

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Embroidered dress selection options

  1. The quality of the fabric. Linen products and dresses from homespun cloth can be worn for 5-7 and even 10 years, if not washed in a machine. Unlike cotton linen with the addition of elastane, linen embroidered women's dresses do not stretch.
  1. Machine or manual embroidery:
  • Handwork. ETNODIM presents work embroidered with satin and cross stitch. Decorated with stitches and traditional tassels.
  • Machine embroidery. The pattern on the front and the wrong side is the same. All stitches are even and tight.
  • Individual parts are sometimes embroidered on a typewriter or manually on a workpiece. And then she is sewn to clothes.
  1. Threads for embroidery. They use cotton, acrylic, floss, and rarely - silk, since it is expensive and not suitable for all types of fabrics. Cotton suits linen models. After washing, they give approximately the same shrinkage with natural fabric. Acrylic threads and floss for a long time do not lose the brightness of colors.
  1. Cut. There are 5 types of female figures: hourglass, triangle, pear, apple, rectangle. Women and girls of the first type fit everything. The second, to hide the wide shoulders, a raglan sleeve is suitable. If you are an “apple”, choose dresses of a free cut. A big bag will help visually enlarge the chest with a large embroidery on the front. And for girls with a rectangular figure, models with a belt are suitable. Dresses for women of all types are in the ETNODIM assortment.

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