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Ancient clothing - embroidered skirts

The Ukrainian costume consists of several colorful elements. It includes a shirt, a women's sheet, a corset, an apron and a belt. The traditional embroidered sheet is used as the skirt. It is made of cardboard fabric and can have a variety of colors. Among the main advantages of this original skirt is called high convenience and practicality. In addition, it has a distinctive traditional style of smell. These skirts are usually decorated with Ukrainian embroidery, which makes them much more colorful.

The main features

Such Ukrainian clothing as a blanket is considered one of the most ancient elements of women's attire. They are two pieces of thick solid cloth. Generally, they are blue or black. Initially, at the waist of the woman made to tie the back, wider and longer. Then the second, narrower and shorter spell - the predecessor - must be fastened in the front.

Modern combinations in clothes

Nowadays, the ukrainian sheet can be replaced with an embroidered skirt to create a modern look. Linen trapezoidal mini-skirt with massive geometric embroidery makes it easy to pick up a variety of accessories and top options. Modern women can buy an embroidered skirt in Kiev, which will become an element of everyday life. This skirt is perfect for minimalist T-shirts. 

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