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Embroidery: New Must-Have

From the ukrainian national costume, embroidery turned into one of the most desired things. Embroidered clothing is worn by trendsetters around the world.

Bohemian, iconic, recognizable - today an embroidered blouse with traditional ukrainian motifs is in the wardrobe: 
Anna Dello Russo, Viviana Volpichella, Dita Von Teese, Florence Welch, Florence Welch, Leandra Medin, Melanie Thierry, Demi Moore, Mila Jovovich, Mila Kunis.
Their instagram accounts are clear evidence that embroidery is appropriate in any situation: trendsetters wear them on the beaches of Ibiza and St. Tropez in the company of a wide-brimmed boater hat and ethnic sandals, sit in the front row of fashion week shows, complementing with heeled sandals, put on with jeans and sneakers, getting out of town for the weekend.

It is interesting that Ivan Franko was one of the first in Ukraine who once introduced fashion as an element of his everyday image: he was the first to wear an embroidered shirt with a classic suit, striking this audience. His approach today would be appreciated by the stars of street style, combining embroidery with a tuxedo in the spirit of the Slavic collection of Yves Saint Laurent in 1976.


Add some rock and roll

Hippy 70s is the key to understanding how to wear embroidered shirts today. In the wake of the trend, boho-chic, which has not lost its relevance for several seasons in a row, ethnic Peisan blouses have received the status of the basic thing. Flared jeans, a denim a-line skirt, a suede vest with a fringe over an embroidered shirt, or leather pants and Cossack boots, as Jim Morrison liked to go - add some rock and roll to beat your embroidered shirt.

Thanks to the global boom in embroidery, which broke out in social networks and street fashion blogs, many well-known brands release their versions, from Zara to Valentino Couture. And, nevertheless, only the thing Made in Ukraine will always be the most authentic and desirable. Having retained all the features of the original embroidery, the history of which began in the thirteenth century - natural linen fabric, cut, embroidery - modern embroideries are designed taking into account current trends and perfectly fit on different shapes depending on the model.

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